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In Stock. If this card is Special Summoned from the Graveyard: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls or in their Graveyard; banish it, and if you do, this card gains ATK and DEF equal to the banished monster's original Level/Rank x 100. Future Fusion Gold Sarcophagus x2 eBay. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x3 Red-Eyes Wyvern x3 Mask Dragon x2 Light and Darkness Dragon x2 Totem Dragon x2 Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord x2 Debris Dragon x2 Prime Material Dragon Koa'ki Meiru Drago x2 Exploder Dragon Magic: 11. This card is unaffected by the effects of Spell Cards. yu gi oh. Strong Jukyu’s “Simorgh” Deck. 1 Borrelsword Dragon 1 Crystron Glassfiber 1 LANphorlynchus 1 Linkuriboh 1 Gem-Knight Pearl 1 Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing 1 Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing 1 Denglong, First of the Yang Zing 1 Shooting Riser Dragon 1 Sea Monster of Theseus. Can you explain how it plays out? 3 Call of the Haunted 1 Breakthrough Skill. Monsters: Lightpulser Dragon x3, Darflare Dragon x2, Blue-eyes White Dragon x3, Maiden with Eyes of Blue, Red-Eyes B. Dragon, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Divine Dragon Apocralyph, Alexandrate Dragon, Eclipse Wyvern, Flamvell Guard, Rider of the Storm Winds, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning. This Deck consist of tuner Monsters. Types: Kaiba / Skill. Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! 21. SDRL-EN005 Spear Cretin . You can send "Umi" you control to the Graveyard to send all cards in both players' … SDRL-EN007 Morphing Jar . As the name suggests, the ultimate goal of this deck is to summon Dark Paladin; by the time you are able to summon Dark Paladin, you are likely to have a large number of dragon-type monsters in your graveyard, giving Dark Paladin an incredible attack boost and setting you up for victory. Warrior Lady 2 Kaibaman 2 Lord of D. 1 Mirage Dragon 1 Morphing Jar 1 Sangan 1 Sinister Serpent 1 Spear Dragon 1 Tribe-Infecting Virus 1 Twin-Headed Behemoth 2 Tyrant Dragon. SDRL-EN006 Gilford the Lightning . NEW SEALED Yu Gi Oh Legendary Hero Decks Trading Card Game Box Shonen Jump: $28.88. If a Dragon monster(s) is Special Summoned from the Extra Deck to a zone this card points to (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon 1 Dragon or Winged Beast monster from your hand in Defense Position, but for the rest of this turn, its effects (if any) are negated and it … R/F Dragon Deck Yu-Gi-Oh! Attribute: Level (0) Text: Once per Duel, you can use 1 of the following Skills. Duel Links! Armed Dragons are also included, which were decent back when this structure deck was released. This kind of deck usually includes Mausoleum of the Emperor to get tribute monsters out quickly. YuGiOh Deck Builder. Ships from and sold by Yu-Gi-Oh Cardz. This powerful combo is built into Kaiba’s existing, normal and already-powerful deck. Legendary Hero Decks Yugioh: $29.98. Rating ***/***** (MACH)(XYZ) 1x Barrel Dragon 1x Jinzo 1x Blowback Dragon 1x Machine King 3x Cyber Dragon 1x Spell Canceller 3x Mechanicalchaser 3x X-Head Cannon 3x Y-Dragon Head 3x Z-Metal Tank 3x Blast Sphere 1x Cyber-Stein Spell Cards: 1x Dark Hole 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Wave-Motion Cannon 3x Limiter Removal 1x Power Bond 1x Fusion Gate 1x Pot of Greed 1x Monster Reborn Trap … Lord of Dragon (Lord of D.) + Flute of Dragon Calling (The Flute of Summoning Dragon) Special Summons the Blue-Eyes White Dragons by Summoning Lord of Dragon and using The Flute of Summoning Dragon. Duel Links Best Decks 43,601 views 05 Dragon’s Roar. Peace out and Thanks in regard >.< Exploder Dragonwing 2x. mson-Eyed Dark Dragon Lord" once per turn. The additions of Lightpulsar Dragon and Darkflare Dragon personify this completely. + Exactly what is the combo between the time lord and LADD? If you successfully Normal Summon "Lord of D.", add 1 "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" from your Deck … Visitors who aren't logged in get an "anonymous" deck to work on. Dragon Lords. You can only use this effect of "Crimson-Eyed Dark Dragon Lord" once per turn. If Summoned this way, activate these effects and resolve in sequence, depending on the type of cards negated by that Counter Trap: Spell: Inflict 1500 damage to your opponent. This page notes details of Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon (WATER/Sea Serpent/Synchro Monster/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. 1 Dragon Ravine 2 Dragon Shrine 1 Foolish Burial 1 Reinforcement of the Army 2 Charge of the Light Brigade. eBay. You can still build and share decks but they won't be editable later. If you negate the activation of an opponent's Spell/Trap Cards, or opponent's monster effects, with a Counter Trap Card except during the Damage Step: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. Deck Designer: N/A Monsters. While not particularly belonging to a specific archetype of names, a Chaos Dragon deck refers to utilising both LIGHT and DARK attribute Dragon type monsters. Learn more. eBay. Unlimited. Monster: 20. Outside of the top 1 or maybe 2 on this list, Chaos Dragons are well-loved by the Yugioh community. Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon. 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 3 Luster Dragon 1 Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 D.D. Number: SDGU-EN001 Rarity: Ultra Rare Attribute Monster Type/Card Type: DARK Fiend/Effect Monster A / D: 2700 / 1800 Description: You can Special Summon this card (from your Graveyard) by returning 1 face-up "Dark World" monster you control to the hand, except "Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World". So i was wondering if this deck is capable enough to win a couple of tournaments >.< So anyone OUT there got any tips xD. The story follows a raising Duelist, ... looking more dragon like, a claw holding his deck, as a real dragon would to its treasure, a head that locates the Graveyard, or cards devoured by said dragon, as the disk activates, the field spreads open like a dragon's wing. Cursed Prison is a good card.If u have a Formula Synchron on the field u can use Cursed Prison effect to bring out Stardust Dragon and tune them to become Shooting Star Dragon or use it in the opposit way. After damage calculation, if this card battles: You can Special Summon 1 Level 7 or lower Dragon-Type Normal Monster from your Deck or Graveyard. Iron Chain Dragon 2x. SDRL-EN001 Felgrand Dragon (Ultra Rare) SDRL-EN002 Darkblaze Dragon . How To Play This Deck []. SDRL-EN010 Twin-Headed Behemoth . SDRL-EN004 Decoy Dragon . berisi list build free deck yugioh ... Duel Generation RECIPE DECK Monster : Amarylease x2 Garbage lord x3 gigastone omega x3 lava golem x2 little trooper ... , dragon deck, duel generation, yu gi oh. Number: SR02-EN001 Rarity: Ultra Rare Attribute Monster Type/Card Type: LIGHT Dragon/Effect Monster A / D: 2800 / 2800 Description: If this card is Special Summoned from the Graveyard: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls or in their Graveyard, banish it, and if you do, this card gains ATK and DEF equal to the banished monster's original Level/Rank x 100. Felgrand Dragon and Darkblaze Dragon are good examples of this. Unlimited. SDRL-EN003 Herald of Creation . Login to save and manage your decks. yu gi oh duel generation ! By: ShaDarkmare. Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! You set up The Gates of Dark World to power up your Fiend monsters and to use it's effect to both discard a monster and draw a card. SDRL-EN011 Guardian Angel Joan series in an attempt to finally defeat Yugi, though he never succeeds.His main focus is the prize cards of his entire collection, his playset of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, as well as many other powerful cards that serve to both support his dragons and hinder his opponent's strategies. Your extra deck will be rank 3, 4, and 6 XYZs and whatever staple synchros you need between levels 6-11. Follow/Fav Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Rise of the Dragon Lord. My deck, which is also a dragon deck, has a few think that are helpful. However, the strategies used in Disaster Dragon decks still apply to Supernova Dragon, giving it versatility. Played right this deck can hold its own with about any deck. yu-gi-oh Return of The Dragon Lords - LCKC-EN074 - Secret Rare - 1st Edition - Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack (1st Edition) 4.7 out of 5 stars 53 $9.05 $ 9 . Dark Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus Creator Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master Attribute Dark Type(s) [ Sea Serpent/Effect ] Level 8 ATK / DEF 2900 / 1600 LoreIf this card destroys a monster on your opponent's side of the field in battle, by discarding 1 DARK monsters from your hand, your opponent must skip his/her next Draw Phase. Notes: This deck is a variation on one of my other dragon-themed decks, Supernova Dragon. Current Elemental dragon deck Yu-Gi-Oh TCG "Advanced" Deck Discussions : Pojo.com Forums > Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm Using the 2011/03 Ban List If u are in a pinch,Summon Black rose dragon to destroy all card on the field. Sold by The Gaming Broker … FUN POLICE, New Counter Fairy ft. Parshath (Yu-Gi-Oh! 2 Simorgh of Darkness 2 Simorgh, Lord of the Storm 2 Dark Simorgh This deck is a variant of the Disaster Dragon deck type. The effect of Dark world monsters are triggered by Discarding as an effect and not as a Cost. You aren't logged in. eBay. - Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck [Sealed Deck] $39.99. Just 9 monsters are included in Dragon’s Roar, with the aim of summoning Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon as soon as possible. Extra Deck: Five Headed Dragon 2x. SDRL-EN009 Tyrant Dragon . yugioh legendary hero decks: $29.07. Build a new deck for yourself, or publish it on our homepage! As the name suggests, the ultimate goal of this deck is to summon Red Nova Dragon. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Tributing 1 "Levia-Dragon - Daedalus". > Yu-Gi-Oh TCG ... Ladd and time lord combo? SDRL-EN008 Kaiser Sea Horse x2 . During the End Phase of a turn that this card destroyed a monster by battle, you can send this card to the Graveyard to Special Summon 1 "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8" from your hand or Deck. 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia DS. Unlimited. blog tentang permainan kartu yu gi oh duel generation indonesia. Well, this is ma deck >.< Intending to join tournaments soon ;p . Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daealus' Effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This Deck works by Discarding your Dark World monsters from your hand. Unlimited. This item: Yu Gi Oh Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure Deck $98.70. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. As the perpetual runner-up as the King of Games, Kaiba's deck goes through several changes throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, New box Lords of Shining) - Duration: 16:19. Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World - MAGO-EN118 - Rare 1st Edition Legendary Hero Decks Nordics Phantom Knights Destiny Yu-Gi-Oh: $28.00. The newest dragon deck type is the Dragon Lords deck. This focuses on summoning powerful dragons to the field from the graveyard, thereby activating their powerful effects. Scrap Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Crimson Blader, Thought Ruler Archfiend, Black Rose (original and Moonlight), Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Goyo Guardian, Star Eater, and Leo Keeper of the Sacred Tree are worth looking into. 6.

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