should i cut the leaves off my amaryllis

I’m in zone 6 in Cincinnati. Do you think it will still grow a stalk? They will eventually die naturally. I sat in my window seal. I actually was researching for another question and did not yet found the answer. Deadheading. However, I’ve heard from a couple people that they were told to cut back the plant after it has finished blooming. Continue to water and feed the plant regularly with a liquid houseplant fertilizer, such as All-Purpose Plant Health Care. Hi Julie, it sounds like you have outlined the situation well. Right now, it still has green leaves & has produced a secondary bulb that also has a leaf or 2. My amaryllis is still outside. I’ve moved to a bigger pot and it has gone craaaazy. These flowers prefer fast-draining, nutrient-rich soil and full shade or filtered indirect sunlight. Find the contact information here. Dip the blades of the pruning shears into the solution, submerging them for 20 to 30 seconds to clean them. But some of my leaves are almost 3 feet long! I planted it from a bulb. Fill a bowl one-fourth to one-half full of a 10 percent bleach solution. The secret to keeping amaryllis thriving for years is to keep the plants actively growing AFTER they have finished blooming. Replanting is not necessary every year, but digging bulbs gives you the opportunity to remove unhealthy bulbs and improve the soil bed, notes the University of Florida IFAS Extension. I may have to divide my amaryllis, and I’ll do that when it’s time to bring them inside in the fall. Thank you for this article it has shed much light on this beautiful plant. I did see one tiny bulb peeking through with the big one. Usually after Christmas, I notice that the plant has started growing again. I know the bulb plant will suffer and I might not have flowers this year nor next year or very little ones; or maybe not! Your email address will not be published. How do I get my amaryllis to bloom again? Cut horizontally across the width of a leaf with a pair of pruning shears, 1 inch above the point where the leaf joins the bulb. I just keep dividing and repotting—-!!!! Pictured is some of many of my hippeastrum I grow including one of my seedlings that have flowered but has not multiplied a lot yet. Would you remove the leaf ? I’ve had an amaryllis for 15 years(?) Do not cut the leaves so you will enjoy the most magnificent hippeastrum flowers each year. Stop watering the amaryllis bulb in the fall, five to six months after it finishes blooming. Now I’ve moved to AZ and I bought another one and that one is done blooming. I have never repotted it and I haven’t removed the bulbs and put them in the refrigerator or anything. I keep mine outside in the summer in partial shade and feed them when I feed all my other plants–. Stop watering the amaryllis bulb in the fall, five to six months after it finishes blooming. I hope that helps! Had the plant since just before Christmas hoping to get it to bloom again. Store the amaryllis in a 40- to 45-degree F area until you are ready to force the bulb again. After moving into our house last October, there was a freeze which destroyed the long green stem so I cut them down to soil level. Do you have any insight on this? With regular fertilizing, foliage should become thick, long and abundant. Well that is a conundrum! Bought the house with a least 40 bulbs left in the flower bed. Right now one is still in bloom. It flowered every year. I am hoping for the best. Don't cut the leaves back at all. Move the bulb outside and grow it as garden plant – they can take copious watering outdoors. Regards, Should I cut the leaves off and… Q. Amaryllis Plant - right when my plant was growing a bloom I accidently broke it and so far it has never grown another… Q. Amaryllis After Bloom - I noticed some shinny green nodes just behind the bloom. Amaryllis bulbs gather and store energy from their foliage after flowering. After flowering the flower stalks will start to go yellow and die. I have read several articles about caring for them but none seem to fit my question. If flowered about 4 weeks ago and is now sending up another flower spike to flower again. © 2015 Buffalo-Niagara Gardening. You can keep it out awhile longer and wait for the leaves to start turning yellow, or you can bring it in now if you want. Losing multiple leaves may point to an underlying issue… However, be sure not to cut the green stalk. It is growing tall too but there is only one green leaf. Amaryllis leaves require cutting once they have died back. Happy gardening! These brash beauties live for decades and thrive indoors, but even the best houseplant has its days. I have noticed they have started up again on their own in a unheated room where I keep them– It was falling over, so I put it in a pot alone. After flowering, the plant leaves process energy that transfers to the bulb. Hi Connie, I hope that helps! Sanitize Pruning Shears. Mix it all up and repot the bulb in the same pot as it has been in. The right time for amaryllis repotting is actually at the beginning of its growth cycle, in early fall. Amber, your amaryllis might be okay. Make sure you keep it watered well. David, Hi I have an amaryllis bulb that has sprouted 3 new beautiful leaves but my crazy husband decided to put a marijuana seed in it I noticed 2 leaves drooping he didn’t tell me until today so I cut the drooping leaves and ripped the marijuana seed out now i have 1 leave will my amaryllis plant be ok, Hello Patricia! Not sure what to do next. I thought I recalled to cut off all folage for holiday blooming. Seed formation will deplete important energy reserves in the bulb and reduce blooming. I got an amaryllis bulb kit for Christmas. Wait a week, and give the bulb a feeding with any balanced liquid fertilizer, like 20-20-20, 18-18-18. Repeat this process to cut off all leaves, removing the outer leaves first. Tall and impressive. When the flower wilts, you can cut it off at the base of the stem. The main stalks contain food and water the plant can use, but they will likely begin to droop or turn yellow shortly after the flowers fade. You want the plant to go dormant. I brought my amaryllis in a couple weeks ago. My flower bloomed and died so I cut the stalk and left the leaves one of my leaves is fading should I still continue to leave it and proceed to put In a sunny window and move outside in the summer or should I cut and start the dormant period ? Give it a good watering until excess water flows from the drainage holes in the pot. Cut off the flower stem about 2 inches above the bulb. I live in Kansas. The plant needs the leaves to recharge the bulb. Thanks for that tip. Susan B, contact the extension service in your area. After all flowers are gone, cut off the cylindrical stalk down to several inches above the bulb. Should I leave them outside and continue to water them until they turn yellow, trim down and bring inside in dark place to get ready for blooming? They bloom now towards the end of February. Sometimes I leave mine outside until the leaves die. After all of the flowers have died, cut the stalk to within 2 inches of the base of the plant. Reblooming Amaryllis When your amaryllis is done blooming, you must allow the exhausted bulb to rebuild itself. Stop watering the plant. After the flowers have faded, cut them off to prevent seed formation. I hope that helps! I did not know they should be removed until several months had gone by, but I did cut them off about a month ago. Some of the most beautiful hippeastrum flowers to look out for are Worsleya Procera and Papilio Hippeastrum species. Big mistake! When they are dead cut them off. Amaryllis grows leaves but no flowers if you try to get the plant to rebloom too quickly. Don’t damage the foliage. If you live in a different part of the country, contact the extension service in your area. I am in summer 3 with my bulbs outside here in Alaska. I live in Texas and don’t have a cool place like a cellar to store them in during dormancy. Can I do anything to curtail them? You can try to cut the flower stalk down in an effort to force the plant to shoot up another bloom. It’s not hard to do. However, with the bulbs that you have saved, cut off the old dried leaves before replanting the bulb. Do you have any recommendations as to how to revive it? In mild climates, outdoor Dutch amaryllis foliage may stay green for a full year, persisting even as the bulb produces new foliage in the spring. Yes, put the plants outside and continue to water over the summer. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! But forget another adage: “If you get four leaves on an amaryllis bulb, it will bloom again.” That ain’t necessarily so. I don’t think one faded leaf should be a problem. And the payoff with those huge flowers is great! I use primarily a soilless mix, and add in a handful of compost, a handful of good old garden soil/clay, and a handful of perlite. You don’t have to stake them. Amaryllis are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10, notes Missouri Botanical Garden. If you cut off the leaves, you’re weakening your plant. Set the pot in a well-lit spot, and keep watering and feeding it every few weeks until the leaves fade. In Maine my amaryllis helped me get through the snowy winters! ... and you can cut it off near the base to prevent the bulb wasting energy producing seeds. See more here. I’ve never really let the plants go dormat before. I have several posts of different kinds and colors. When the leaves begin to yellow, which normally occurs in the early fall, cut the leaves back to about 2 inches from the top of the bulb and remove the bulb from the soil. Pull the blades out of the solution. 😊. The amaryllis plant stores energy in the bulb for the following growing season. Is it ok if I plant the hyacinth bulbs and the amaryllis bulb in the same pot? I remember receiving advice about cutting my amaryllis's leaves to force dormancy, so I did that and placed it and it's offshoots in an empty file cabinet at work. For further information, please refer to my other article on Buffalo-Niagara Gardening here: Mary, I think your amaryllis bulbs should bloom okay. After the flowers fade, cut off the flower stalk with a sharp knife. Make a single, smooth cut to leave a clean wound capable of healing quickly. Cut the Flower Stalks Off After the plant has bloomed its heart out for you, carefully cut the flower stalks off as close to the bulb as you can. You need to keep the leaves on the plant. Pat the metal dry with a soft cloth.

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