what is imt technology in cars

What are your thoughts on the latest transmission tech and also on the comparison -iMT vs AMT? Smart hypermiling techniques will work for enhancing fuel efficiency on an iMT the same way it does for with an MT. Similarily, 5G likely won’t take as long thanks to advancements in wireless technology, but still, the idea of connected cars and always-on IoT devices is still many years away. Maruti Suzuki Alto crosses 40 Lakh Milestone in india. An iMT also makes for seamless shifts, for which a manual transmission needs the precision of the driver. There isn’t any variant on the Venue which has all three transmission options. The new iMT technology will be introduced to the Hyundai Venue with the Kappa 1.0-litre T-GDi petrol engine and six-speed manual transmission. IMT is nothing but AMT Manual mode The iMT is a one of its kind gearbox offered in the subcompact SUV segment. Hyundai Venue Sports Trim with iMT Launched @ ₹ 9.99 Lakh, 10 Things About AMT Cars (Automated Manual Transmissions). Also an AMT gearbox was much cheaper to make and price which meant that small cars and many cars below the Rs 10 lakh space now have it. Kia will offer the iMT on … Hyundai also claims that the iMT gearbox will not compromise on fuel efficiency and performance. With an iMT on the other hand, like with an MT, bringing out good efficiency numbers is totally on the driver’s discretion. This hydraulic pressure is then directed to the slave cylinder through a clutch tube. Hyundai’s iMT technology is essentially a revolutionary 2-pedal system that eliminates the need for drivers to constantly use the clutch pedal as in a conventional manual transmission. The idea behind equipping cars with AMT or iMT is to relieve the driver from the hassle of constantly working through the gears. How Kia Sonet Took On The Segment’s Best-Seller Maruti Vitara Brezza! Then access app in browser incognito mode. Hyundai’s iMT technology is a 2-pedal system that eliminates the need for drivers to constantly use the clutch pedal as in a conventional manual transmission. One out of every five cars sold in the country, as of last year, was equipped with an automatic transmission of some kind. The one thing that bothers these kinds the most is the working through the gears in city traffic. Hence due to fewer complexities, the iMT will be much cheaper as far as maintenance is concerned. Hyundai Venue SX iMT Price in India is Rs 9.99 Lakh. By the looks of it, it clearly seems that an iMT will be much more cost-effective than any other AT option since it’s just marginally expensive than an MT. iMT stands for intelligent manual transmission and is basically a manual without a clutch for the driver to operate. But now Hyundai have brought in the first iMT gearbox car in India. On the arrival of the iMT now, it seems like it’s going to pose a threat to the sales of AMT equipped cars. HyundaiIndia has introduced a new ‘intelligent Manual Transmission’, or iMT for short, with the Venue. Back in the late ’90s, Swedish carmaker, Saab had designed a somewhat similar system. Kia’s iMT system allows the engine to switch off while coasting and restart it in gear. 4. Hyundai Venue became the first car in India to have iMT transmission just recently. IMT, AMT, AT or MT. There are two types of car owners, one who simply love their cars and cherish the experience of owning them comprehensively and the others are the one for whom cars are a mere mode of transportation or a status symbol at best. An AMT transmission is also popular for it’s ‘jerky’ attributes. The iMT technology also offers an unparalleled driving experience as the drivers get the feels of both manual and automatic transmission. As far as ease of use is concerned, it is subjective as to till what extent do you want your control on the shifts. Check out Venue SX iMT colours, Features & Specifications, read Reviews, view Interior Images, & Mileage. Kia Rio facelift was recently launched in the European market, and the car features the new iMT. What ia difference between AMT Manual mode and IMT. Hi B S N Reddy, We’ll come to that, but first, let’s get the basics clear. There is no such problem with an iMT as all the shifting is at your disposal. Content Developer at GoMechanic | Auto Journalist | Been a car guy ever since i remember opening my eyes | Golden Age for cars is long gone | Guilty of hooning out on the streets |.

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