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27 days ago, Hello everyone! Saint Joseph, Michigan - 13 days ago, 2.5 year old female American Bulldog. Leisure Time & Hobbies . Trevor is a 3... Ferret - Sammy - Medium - Adult - Male - Small & Furry (7,092.5 km) About Motor City Ferrets. Already trained nnottage. Male ferret for sale. Rosie & Bella .... my Twilight Girls. Loves to go on walks on his leas.. Ferret, Florida » MAGNOLIA SQUARE. (7,057.4 km) Why buy a Ferret for sale when you can adopt? Siamese, Michigan » Ypsilanti. By Isis & Cotton are the last of 7 ferrets surrendered.... Ferret - Landon & Trevor - Medium - Adult - Male - Small & Furry A most characteristic feature of an angora ferret is the cleft nose. We have been the premier ferret provider since 1939 and have been known to breed the world’s friendliest ferrets. - She loves attention and has a wonderful temperament. Im moving and unfortunately do not have room for them and all of their stuff anymore. Michigan: Yes. You can get a vet to do it at 6-9 months of age. (You can ask the pet shop where their ferrets are bred and do your own research.) It is a fold on one or both nostrils of full angoras. For Sale. 3 years old... Bonnie is a very sweet girl looking for her forever home. Dusky is 4 year old... Ferret - Bogi & Logi - Small - Young - Male - Small & Furry Silah (prounounced SEE-lah) is approximately a year old and... Ferret - Caret - Small - Young - Female - Small & Furry Your duty to care. This pet-saving service is funded by the passionate pet lovers at Article Title: What to Consider Before Adopting a Ferret. A factor that makes the ferret purchasing process more difficult are the numerous places that you can get a ferret from. However, their average lifespan is approximately 6 years. This is so we can ensure our babies get as much time and attention as possible, leading to happier healthier kits and mums too! (7,038.8 km) Unfortunately, there is a 100% mortality rate for unvaccinated ferrets that come into contact and … They are shipped at 8-9 weeks of age to authorized pet dealers throughout the United States and abroad. Our ferrets enjoy early socialization, are fed kibble and raw diet, and spend time outside, free roam and have cage time. (7,066.1 km) Login. Marshall Ferrets are available every week, all year long. We are registered as a Non-Profit Charity (501(c)(3)), licensed and annually inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. 4 days ago, Like new ... used for maybe a month Lucky is a male 2 year old sable. Logan is a 4 year old male brown sable. He is also missing 1/4 of his tale. Milo and Ema :) vbdimas23. by kdnmchlsv8m - It isnt going to work for the spot I bought it for.... $1,200. measures 45" high...60" wide...34" deep. Asking 160... 2 months ago, Super playful little girl! 2 months ago, Found 14 "Ferrets" Pets and Animals ads from Michigan, US. - If you decide to buy a ferret from a breeder, it’s important that you find one who has done their due diligence. Their intelligence is remarkable and you can easily teach them tricks such as roll over and fetch, just like a dog. Lansing, Michigan - Puff is a female albino. by woby - Daisy's owners stated they were moving to California and could not take Daisy with them..... Mason is a chocolate point and approximately a year old. ferret in Michigan at – Classifieds across Michigan. - Petco ferrets are neutered and as social animals, they enjoy each others company. :( Adoption fee: $180 If you are interested call and visit pet stores, look into animal/ferret shelters :), or get a ferret from a private breeder (these tend to be more expensive, but avoiding early altering can help reduce the risk for certain diseases/cancers). I have 2 ferrets that need a new home. Use Search Saver. (7,116.1 km) NOTE: Renters MUST... Daisy turns 2 in May 2018. Post an Ad. Does not bite. Ferret 5 months old. 4 years old. a month ago, I'm looking for a female ferret to join my small business. Rocky and Charlie are a beautiful pair. Warren, Michigan - by bronzebulls - There both about 2... We have a large multi-level cage that we used for our ferrets for a few months that we are wanting to sell. Pedro is a 2 year old albino male with a very nice... Ferret - Scamp & Frieda - Small - Adult - Male - Small & Furry 2-Story Hutch for sale. $300. (7,047.4 km) Kits are reserved with a 50% non-refundable deposit, generally when the kits are around 5-6 weeks old. Rocky is a 7 month old albino, Boris is a 2 year old dark... Ferret - Logan & Gene - Small - Adult - Male - Small & Furry - She just has to be good with... YOU get two happy dookers instead of one! The West Michigan Ferret Connection is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Jobs. Any help? 31x20.5x40 inches Search within the thousand ferrets available on Gumtree: from sable to black and white ferrets. BabyGirl is approx. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - ferret listings. will come with their 5 level custom made cage... Romeo & Juliet are two loving ferrets madly in love ..they are currenly in search of a new forever home I'm in... Ferret - Rocky & Charlie - Medium - Young - Male - Small & Furry Rocky is a 6... Ferret - Disco - Medium - Young - Male - Small & Furry If well taken care of, healthy ferrets can live up to 10 years of age. - by hazel0717 - - While this is correct, these animals also require a fair amount of care and attention. Thank you! Mississippi: U Yes. The WMFC does not adopt to those under the age of 18; a parent/guardian must execute the adoption contract. $700. Ferrets are very loving animals and good with any member of a family! Shelby, Michigan - Gene is a 4 year... Ferret - Bella & Rosie - Small - Young - Female - Small & Furry baby ferrets including shots and other things necessary to live with a ferret 1 Garden & House Electronics. Also ferrets do much better in pairs than alone. Southfield, Michigan - Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Product Image Item Name-Price; Introducing Farrell, the sable mask ferret! Located in Hazel Park, we serve the greater Detroit metro area. Male He is... Ferret - Rocky, Natasha & Boris - Medium - Adult - Male Browse for sale listings in Real Estate. Gumtree. 3) Use the Location Box for a drop-down menu by country, province, state. Owning and caring for a ferret can be great fun and very rewarding, but it can also be quite challenging and is a big responsibility and long-term commitment. Welcome to Top Notch Ferrets Small hobby breeder of Standard, Semi-Angora and Angora Ferrets - Breeder of healthy, well adjusted ferrets. It is the primary supplier of ferrets to pet stores in the U.S. Minnesota: Legal, except in cities where local ordinances forbid ferrets, like Bloomington and Burnsville. It is expected. When you adopt a ferret from a shelter, the adoption fee is … CD can be brought into your house on your clothing or shoes. - Holland, Michigan » Ferrets $450 Ferret Nation Cage I have a ferret nation cage and accessories( its less than a year old) for sale message me Marquette, Michigan » Ferrets $0.00: 2 bonded ferrets and xl cage My sons teenage life is making it difficult for him to provide the best for his babies. Marshall Pet Products, established in 1993, continues that tradition with quality products for all aspects of ferret life. Ovid, Michigan - Asking $50 Pet shop ferrets generally come from large commercial ferret breeding farms.

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