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#travel #travelinspiration #travelphotography #finland #YLP100BestOf #wanderlust. Indeed, Finland itself has long been a tourist destination from around the world. Nonetheless, as the oldest city in Finland, it brims with history and charm. You can discover Finland’s highest peak at Halti, a mountain with beautiful rocky scenery, located in Lapland on the border of Norway and Finland. It was also always Finland’s major western port city, which allowed it to grow and thrive. The Scandinavian country of Finland has become one of the most popular places to visit for every type of tourist. Saana Mountain, which is part of the Scandinavian mountain range, and Lake Kilpisjärvi below it are the most picturesque spots of the village, attracting hikers and backpackers during all four seasons. Many picture Finland as a home of Santa Claus. Find what to do today or anytime in December. While visiting the most beautiful places in Finland, you will discover that the country has a substantial amount of lakes, the most in Europe, in fact. Nov 10, 2018 - Explore Igor Mamantov's board "Finland", followed by 57678 people on Pinterest. The chain of mountains within the park stretch to almost 60 miles are worthy of exploring no matter what time of the year. Oh Wow! Beautiful places to visit in Finland has a fairly long list and is guaranteed all of them will catch your eye. In the winter, Ukko-Koli turns into a ski resort for advanced downhill skiing, with ski slopes 800 to 1,500 meters long. After spending a few hours out here in the summer, you’ll understand why Pulkkilanharju is on the list as one of my top places to visit in Finland. Animal life among the birch forests, lakes, swamps, cliffs and valleys includes moose, fox and flying squirrels. Finland is a country definitely not short on magical places to explore and discover. Native Laplanders consider the 1,323 meter high peak a holy place. We’re constantly expanding this list of Historic Sites in Finland … During the summer season, guests enjoy a trek into one of the last remaining, vast wilderness opportunities in Europe. You talked about in this article about 15 of the most beautiful places visit in Finland. And you people doing a good job. See more ideas about finland, beautiful places, finland travel. Amazing landscape. In Saariselka, they make the event even more special with uniquely designed cabins. Kultaranta gardens is just one of the many attractions in Naatali featuring a unique look at the 100-year history of the nation’s presidents. There are many rentable as well as privately owned cottages situated on the islands and it’s a popular area for sailors and boat enthusiasts. May 31, 2012 - Explore Diane Aldrich's board "* Sweden, Norway and Finland", followed by 17128 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Finland, Nordic countries, Beautiful places. During the summer, Finns love to escape busy cities as much as possible and surround themselves with nature. From thick forest to huge wilderness, we got you covered. It seems like the beautiful country. 15 Best Places to Visit in Finland The long and icy backbone of Scandinavia, Finland rarely fails to enchant. It’s an unspoiled and tranquil place that is home to many points offering fantastic views as well as many recreational activities such as hiking and cycling. While many people might think the country only contains snow and places … This is a truly beautiful place to visit that easily deserves a place on this list. The small population of just over 1,200 people in Utsjoki helps to maintain the small village feel that attracts so many visitors each year. Finnish nature is full of unique places both winter and summer time. Finland which is officially the Republic of Finland, which is located in the northern region of Europe. The islands also have beautiful views of the sea, and many locals often visit just to stroll around the cobblestoned roads and enjoy picnics on the grass and rocky shores. Of that I’m sure. The river flows out into … Unique Nature in Finland … Finland in Pictures: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. There are over 20,000 islands and skerries on the Baltic Sea outside of the southwestern city of Turku, which make up the Turku Archipelago. Finland is a pandora’s box of experiences! And one of the best places to witness this fascinating phenomenon is in the municipality of Rovaniemi, within Finland’s Lapland province. The colorful homes, restaurants, boutiques and cafés date back to the 18th and 19th centuries and a walk around will make you feel like you’ve been taken back in time. We have reviews of the best places to see in Finland. These are stunning places to visit. Highlights include Uspenski Cathedral, the Sibelius monument, the Katajanokka district and Temppeliaukio Church (aka the very unique rock church)! In terms of a quaint little fishing village, Porvoo is not, but with just over 50,000 residents, it does maintain a lot of a small-town feel, but with big-city dreams. Finland seems to be the colorful place for travelling. This season is referred to as the Midnight Sun. Lake Saimaa is the largest of these interconnected bodies of water. Things to Do in Finland, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 578,788 traveler reviews and photos of Finland tourist attractions. Beautiful places to visit in Finland has a fairly long list and is guaranteed all of them will catch your eye. We have reviews of the best places to see in Finland… Ferries and foot traffic are the most common modes of transportation here. You will find must-visit spots all over the country. Tourists enjoy visiting this classic shipping town as it is easy to get from one end to another without ever setting food in a car. Outdoor activities in the archipelago include watersports; kayaking, cycling, fishing, tennis and golf. There are many more beautiful cities in Finland, of course, depending on the kind of experience and scenery that you’re after. There is over 40 National parks in Finland. Find what to do today or anytime in December. In the winter, after snow has fallen, the 600 wooden buildings turn into a magical fairytale-like town. Must-sees include the landscapes of Pallastunturi fells, Ylläs ski resort and the traditional Lapland village called Hetta. Mariehamn, Oulanka National Park, and Porvoo are in my travel bucket list now . National landscapes of Finland listed IF you want to have an easy way to go right here below (from Wikipedia): National landscapes of Finland - Wikipedia However, the question from OP gives an alternative and individual way to go Additionally, the best time to visit the city is during the summer months of June to July when you can bask in the warm light of the sun seems never to set. Find what to do today, this weekend or in December. Jun 13, 2019 - Explore World Atlas's board "Finland", followed by 8063 people on Pinterest. Located only 3 hours from Helsinki in the municipalities of Kouvola and Mäntyharju, this former site for intensive commercial forestry, the Repovesi area successfully transformed into a gorgeous national park. Most beautiful places to explore in Finland This summer has been different from the previous ones by far. Located in Pirkanmaa, a region of southern Finland, Tampere is the country’s second city and is, in fact, the largest inland city in any of the Nordic countries. These are only one of the few. 25 Beautiful Places in Finland - beautiful places in Finland like, Helsinki, Old town of Porvoo, Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Medieval Turku Castle, Turku Cathedral and much more beautiful places in Finland. We’re Nuuksio hosts events such as marathons and wilderness hikes throughout the year and is also home to Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, an ecologically designed exhibition and event center that specializes in outdoor activities and wildlife. Beautiful manors, museums, churches and chapels characterise Porvoo. See more ideas about Finland, Beautiful places… Finland Top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Finland by Afrin Mashiyat July 29, 2020 Written by Afrin Mashiyat July 29, 2020 Finland is a place where there is unmistakable complexities. Despite being small, Kilpisjärvi is one of the largest villages in the Enontekiö municipality of Lapland. For many centuries, Turku was the capital and largest city in Finland, before it was surpassed by Helsinki. Other attractions include a variety of shops and restaurants to meander through while strolling along Torggatan, the pedestrian precinct located in central Mariehamn. Suomenlinna was constructed as a fortress in 1748 and has always served as a fortress in some form or another, but it is also home to a small community of residents as well. Aug 6, 2014 - The 100 Best Photos of Finland that we can find! The lake itself is situated in Northern Karelia, which borders Russia in the east of Finland. A stunning, tranquil but much sought after resort due to its incredible unique accommodation. Here is 3 most popular to get started on your journey. 2.) Camping and hiking are permitted in this national park and the many waterfalls and breathtaking photo opportunities keep tourists and locals coming back time and time again. Seeing the Aurorae light up the sky is often at the top of the bucket list of travellers arriving to Finland. Finland is one of the best places to see them. See the beautiful Hamnøy Hamnøy in Lofoten has become known, the world over, for its impressive landscape and unspoilt charm… and it’s easy to see why. We have reviews of the best places to see in Finland… Occupied by the Swedes and later the Russians, the country was finally granted independence in 1917. The fortress dates back to the 1700s and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Finland has had a turbulent history. From small towns to natural wonders, this list highlights the best places to visit in Finland. Many own secluded cottages by peaceful lakes and spend the days picking berries, canoeing, fishing, swimming and just enjoying being outdoors. Stay at Basecamp Oulanka and drink homemade cloudberry liquors and take invigorating dips in their outdoor hot tub! A land of endless festivals and embracing Finish culture await you in Naatali. I hope next time I travel. Thanks for sharing your experience about FINLAND. The view was discovered by painters in the 19th century and has since been referenced in numerous culturally significant pieces of art. Tour the most stunning cities in Finland during your next big adventure. Tourists looking to fish in this area should find a local to show them the ropes. As well as Rome he also counts Melbourne and Tel Aviv among his favourite places and now permanently resides in Dublin. Written by Diana Bocco Apr 15, 2020. Surrounded by thick forest, the Kakslauttanen river and covered in snow during the winter months this place isn’t cheap but it sure is the stuff of dreams! This region sees the Northern Lights 200 out of 300 nights in a year. Scott started his travelling life back in 1999, when he headed off on a solo jaunt to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with just a backpack, a camera and a spirit for adventure. Getting there can also be tricky as the mountain is in the middle of wilderness and there aren’t hotels on the way, but many solve the problem by bringing their own tents. It is a democratic position to accommodate … Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland and is home to some of the most beautiful … Beyond the most famous Finnish cultural places and monuments, there’s many similar places to visit, including Turku Castle, Porvoo Cathedral and Fagervik Manor to name but a few. We lived in Turku for … Located 170 km north of the Arctic Circle, Levi offers … Finland has a lot of beautiful cities, and many of them are quite far from the well-known tourist centers and get them to have ground transportation, but it's worth it. Places to Visit in Finland, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 1,61,537 traveller reviews and photos of Finland tourist attractions. History is everywhere you look in Porvoo and tourists enjoy an array of activities from kayaking the waterways to enjoying the many quaint shops and cafes throughout the city. Island travel is managed by a network of ferries, so tourists need not contend with renting a vehicle, but the rental of a bicycle can be a huge help as this is the general mode of transport for most people living and visiting the area. Levi was far more beautiful, with its trees more sugar-ish, the cold more crisp and the winter there more wonderland-ish than any other place on Earth. Suomenlinna is a sea fortress in Helsinki, located on a group of islands connected to each other by bridges. It’s also a very progressive place with a burgeoning vegan scene and a commitment to sustainability, and it also possesses a charming small-town friendliness. A small city in the heart of Finnish Lakeland, Savonlinna is a charming historic destination worth a visit on your next trip to Finland. Our experiences in Finland have been shaped (quite a bit) by having Finnish friends who we visit and who know the very best places to see and the best activities to get up and so, while Finland is typically associated (in our minds You can discover Finland’s highest peak at Halti, a mountain with beautiful rocky scenery, located in Lapland on the border of Norway and Finland. Festivals such as the Naantali Music festival that happens every June from the 6th to the 17th attract visitors from all parts of the globe and the town, in general, maintains a unique old-world atmosphere that keeps visitors coming back again and a gain. Turku was the capital of Finland for several hundred years before it lost its status to Helsinki. It is the eighth largest place … See more ideas about norway, beautiful places, wonders of the world. Best Places In Finland (Lapland) To See The Northern Lights 1st March 2018 Lapland, Finland is one of the best regions in the world to see the Northern Lights. 10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway I’ve visited Norway myself and asked numerous travel bloggers who have visited lots of places in Norway and made a diverse list of popular attractions and lesser-known sights that are worth visiting in Norway. Turku is actually the former capital of Finland and the country’s oldest city and in addition to the beautiful islands, it holds many interesting cultural events. There is no limit to what can be discovered in beautiful Naatali. I would like to know about local bus and cab services in finland how can we go from one place to another? Short hikes and child friendly place. There are many events and public gatherings hosted on the beach throughout the season and other attractions in the area include a spa and golf course. A beautiful and eclectic mix of contemporary and Art Noveau architecture, excellent designer restaurants, lively bars, creative bistros, beautiful boutiques, and galleries all wrapped up in one stylish, neat and compact package. Enchanted winter wonderlands to never-ending summer days - Finland is full of the most beautiful extremes Savonlinna was founded in 1639 and built up around the Olavinlinna castle, which you can still visit. Aside from this claim to fame, Helsinki can be … Native Laplanders consider the 1,323 meter high … Mariehamn, attracts visitors for its magnificent beauty, but also for its walkability. All the photos are breathtaking, Scott! Finland was one of the beautiful and amazing tourist places to visit and enjoy with your families on this vacation. Koli National Park overlooks Lake Pielinen and is one of Finland’s most magnificent natural scenes. All done by myself, uploaded in high resolution, full screen. Unblemished snow and limitless ski slopes have landed this ski resort among the most popular Finland tourist places. Located in the middle of Lake Saimma on a series of islands, the area’s biggest attraction is unquestionably Olavinlinna, or St… Finland is a country located in northern Europe, which is known for its beautiful natural scenery, friendly people and its unique and special culture. Some can be reached by car or bicycle; others only by boat or ferries. Some of the most beautiful spots on the shorelines of Saimaa include Linnansaari National Park, the idyllic town of Puumala, and Savonlinna, home to the Olavinlinna castle. In the city, residents have lovingly embraced the legend and figure of Christmas, so sights and sounds of the season can be seen throughout the land. I would love to visit these places in Finland. For a more structured trip to the Finnish capital try boutique tour operators like The Voyageurs Collection. Savonlinna, located in the Saimaa Lake region of Finland, is a beautiful coastal town made up of a collection of islands with an iconic 15th century castle and fortress. Finland is a country located in northern Europe, which is known for its beautiful natural scenery, friendly people and its unique and special culture. Wow, that created some serious Finland cravings! I hope to go there someday. Yyteri is home to Finland’s longest beach, which stretches to four miles on the western Baltic shore. It is not as simple as casting a line in the arctic. Finland is the perfect description of what winter should look like. Things to Do in Finland, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 578,788 traveler reviews and photos of Finland tourist attractions. Not far from Turku lies the picturesque town of Raumawhich is famous for its iconic wooden houses. … It draws travelers with the promise of Lapland’s far-flung forests and fells, snow … 10 Best Places to Visit in Finland and Tourist Attractions in Finland - Finland Travel Guide and Tips. See more ideas about Finland, Places, Beautiful places. Follow Scott on Google+ and Twitter, I have never been to Finland but looking at these beautiful places, I feel like I’ve been there, hoping after the Covid-19 I can start traveling again. Fishing on the Finnish lakes, shopping, castles and old churches … Oct 30, 2019 - Explore Peter's board "Finland" on Pinterest. It’s also an ideal spot for outdoor activities and hiking in the summer, and there are also lifts operating to the top year-round. Finland is home to many pristine and beautiful national parks but this one definitely deserves a place on this Top 10 list. For the best view of this growing city, a trek up to Badhusberg will allow you to see Mariehamn from the top. An extraordinarily beautiful and magical wilderness especially during the winter, Oulanka National Park covers an area of 270 square kilometres in Finnish Lapland (the far north of the county), Originally … Finland is one of Scandinavia's most mysterious countries, a land of vast ice areas, never-ending forests, and unspoiled nature waiting to be discovered. The beautiful wooden church at Habo, the pretty town of Hjo and Tiveden National Park, on the lake's northern shore, are among its stand out sights. Join with us on This is easily one of the most beautiful places to visit in Finland but the main attraction in Saariselki is the Aurora Borealis. Finland’s geographic location and history makes it an interesting and unique place … Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af79b61254e5d4b2a6af9fd36ff971b5" );document.getElementById("f01f1f4bcd").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Ranked as a top Travel Authority in the UK by Agility PR Solutions, Nominated as the best female travel blogger in the Teletext Holiday Awards 2019, British Annual Canada Travel Awards Finalist 2018, Nominated for the Best UK Travel Blog 2018, Cheapflights Travel Blog Awards Nominee 2017, Copyright © 2020 | All Rights ReservedHeader photo by @garyansome. In Santa’s village, you can do all the northern activities, meet the Santa and buy some souvenirs. The most beautiful places in Finland Finland - the country closest to Russia and verypopular among many tourists from around the world. Check out this list of the best landscapes of Finland! The charming tiny towns of Finland bear a striking semblance to the villages of Disney’s fairytale stories. From the sea to the snow, for the young and for old alike, Finland is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This nature lover’s dream is just outside of Finland’s capital and offers an array of opportunities to reconnect with nature and enjoy the epic beauty of the forest. Even though each island is separate, they all seem to work together as an encompassed community.

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