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They’re easy to grow and care for. Indoor Foliage plants RootAgro is entirely specialized in buying, packing and shipping of Indoor Foliage Plants, fresh Dutch plants (and flowers) by air cargo across the globe. Air plants can be displayed in a number of interesting ways in your home as you aren’t limited by having to pot them in soil. You can also grow the giant bird of paradise if you prefer a larger specimen. An interesting feature of the F. zebrina is the purplish leaf undersides and the purple young leaves which turn green. You can also grow coleus in water. They derive their name due to the poisonous sap found in their leaves that causes a bad swelling in the mouth, making a person unable to speak. We are Lexington, Kentucky's only onsite indoor plant care specialist. Of course, these plants, as a rule, also bloom (with the exception of ferns), but often their flowers do not change much in beauty and size. Flowering orchid can be a great centerpiece on your home office’s desk or the dining table. White, cream, silver and gold are the most common colours, but you can also find vibrant shades of purple, pink, orange or red. The kentia is said to be a vulnerable species native to Lord Howe Island in Australia. Most indoor flowering and foliage plants thrive well in the following mixture: 1 part vermiculite 2 parts sphagnum peat 1 part sand or perlite Foliage plants usually grow best in a growing medium containing 50 percent organic matter. Potted House Plants. A good supply of varieties offers growers different leaf color variations. Filter by post type. Whether you need the houseplant for home or office, nothing beats the elegant and low maintenance peace lily. Hay … The Rubber Plant, or Ficus Elastica, is a popular indoor plant that is quite hardy. To learn about our plant selection, please click on our Availability List or Image Gallery. Foliage Plants. The elatior can grow up to nearly 1 metre tall, once it's fully matured. The rose grape has glossy green leaves with wavy edges. There's a seemingly endless variety of indoor foliage plants, so you're sure to find one that fits into your lifestyle and home decorating needs. Apart from tree philodendron, there are many vining and upright varieties that you can grow as houseplants. Plantimex Ficus Pumila Pot (120mm) Deliver; Collect; MORE INFO. Foliage Plants Foliage Plants. Owner/ manager John "Bruce" Klein worked in different nurseries as a boy, until he was able to start his own. The shape, size, and color of the fronds may vary, depending upon the variety. Once the plant matures it can reach up to 6ft in height, although 3 - 4ft is more common. Buy plants for personal and corporate gifts from the largest online plant store in the Middle East. A relatively easy fern plant to grow and maintain indoors that displays two foot long fronds when the plant has matured. These are grown mostly in homes and offices for decorative purposes and trained in different braided styles. Roseopicta, C. Zebrina, C. Crocata, C. Makoyana, C Lancifolia and others. Shop By Price. Some of the small varieties like Aechmea, Guzmania, Neoregelia, and Vriesea make them perfect for office desks and shelf tops. Tropical indoor plants for interior landscaping and purifying the air. Anthurium. This is one of the easiest of palm type trees to grow indoors although it does not grow very tall. These are indoor plants grown primarily for their great looking and interesting leaves, rather than flowers. Text. See more ideas about Indoor plants, Plants, Foliage plants. The best varieties include Camille, Carina, Compacta, Delilah, Honeydew, Rebecca, Sparkles, and Star bright. Like the same suggests, polka dot plants have spotted, mottled … Place the pilea cadierei in a brightly lit spot with some sunlight to encourage it to thrive and grow well. Order plants online and get it delivered. Whether you're looking for large, glossy leaves from the Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) or the bright colours that Calathea can bring, there's an indoor foliage plant here to suit every room. Out of stock. It is also known as a false castor plant because of its close resemblance to the castor plant. They are easy to grow indoors, and you also get to choose various sizes and forms depending on your needs! It's not really a beginner plant or in need of an expert grower, however, it does need a grower to pay attention to it's temperature and high humidity needs. Dracaena Fragrans, D Braunii, D Marginata and D. Reflexa. Foliage plants add a bit of greenery to your indoor space and can even help clean the air. Click, To know about the best types of indoor Bromeliads, click, To know about peace lily care and growing tips, click. Thanks to its adaptable nature, it can withstand low light and humid environments as well. When it comes to large foliage indoor plants, you can’t miss philodendrons. All posts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is one of the best Tropical Foliage House Plants to grow indoors! Selection of Foliage House Plants. The evergreen grows up to 3ft tall and displays oval shaped leaves that grow 30cm in length. Wholesale supplier of indoor tropicals and potted blooming plants… Polka Dot Plant. 1 of 1. Aluminum Plant - Pilea Cadierei. Ferns don’t rely just on flowers to grab attention, as their lacy, dangling fronds also add to the overall beauty. When choosing the plants for your bundle, we aim to include many different varieties. Indoor Apartment Gardening with Foliage Plants Plants were grown primarily for their leaf characteristics and utilized for interior decoration of your apartment typically are used for gardening or landscape purposes are called foliage plants. Note- Please note that the foliage of this plant has been known to cause eye or skin irritation and should not be ingested. The aluminum plant is an easy to grow species native to China and Vietnam. This is where it gets its common name from. Chinese Evergreen - Aglaonema. Green foliage plants and flowering houseplants are different and require different nutrients, as well as different levels of water and sunlight. Order plants … Does your office need a little bit of green? Rex Begonia has a unique foliage pattern and offers an array of colors ranging from purple, pink, green to silver. Foliage Plants Dypsis lutescens (Areca Palm) € 29.95 “Price excl. Garden centers became ubiquitous in the 1970s and homes often had foliage-heavy plants in an "indoor jungle" backdrop. Plants that usually live in the rainforest, a tropical setting or even a desert can get acclimated to the conditions in … The kentia is faster growing than some of the other palm plants. Although they require special care while growing, the color and beauty they bring make up for it. The plant will do best when placed near a window which allows natural light to shine in on the plant. It's a bush type plant which grows up to 12 inches tall and displays glossy green and silver oval shaped leaves. Trending: Indoor Plants with Pink Foliage . It has a pink stem and pink colour foliage; it does not bloom flowers. Growing Conditions: Medium light; 55-75 degrees F.; keep soil evenly moist or … This species is s tree type plant which supposedly offers feng shui enthusiasts good fortune. Not only that, but they keep the surrounding air clean by getting rid of pollutants. Like many other foliage house plants they do produce flowers in their natural habitat, but rarely indoors. The European fan palm is an easy to please palm tree which grows up to a manageable size of 4ft tall, indoors. It makes a striking appearance with its heart-shaped leaves and showy flowers that come in all colors of the rainbow, except for blue. Parts of plants are poisonous if ingested. Buy plants online - Large variety of Indoor Plants, Outdoor Plants, Fruit Plants, Flowering Plants & Herbs to choose from. It belongs from “Araceae” family and it is known as “Chinese evergreen” as its common name. Indoor house plants pictures, names and how to care for your plants. Variegated Rubber Plant. These have to be well pruned to avoid too much growth. Protect from cold winds and maintain humidity to see it in its full glory. Variegated Rubber Plant. If you see brown, crispy leaf edges, give the plant more humidity. Our range of high-impact Caladium, Canna and Colocasia varieties are bursting to bring out your garden’s exotic potential with a big show of lush leaves. This Calathea does not grow as tall as the Zebra, however, it does share the same undemanding care needs. To know about peace lily care and growing tips, click here! Pruning each spring encourages new growth and spread. Cacti Cactus Plants. Quite difficult to grow indoors well, so your green thumb may be required for this plant. The is a feather type palm which grows up to 10ft tall indoors and displays elegant wide fronds. The ZZ plant is by far one of the most unique plants you can add to your indoor jungle—and it's pretty durable, even in low-lighting. Please confirm acceptance. Measuring 5 ft. in height, this wonderful … This ornamental plant is easy to care and doesn’t mind neglect, making it an ideal choice for busy indoor gardeners. The fronds stretch out and display similar to how a Spanish hand fan, and the trunk becomes thick and kind of furry. Of course there's a negative, though, and that's because the entire thing is poisonous and can be incredibly toxic to kids and pets, causing pain or a burning sensation if ingested or rashes simply from touching it. The multicolored croton is a visual treat and draws eyes to itself like no other Tropical Foliage Plants. With striking banana-like foliage and flowers that come in gleaming shades of red, yellow, and orange–It’s a must grow! If you have enough light and warmth you can grow cacti. Jun 28, 2018 - Tropical indoor plants for interior landscaping and purifying the air. You know to stay away from Poison Ivy, but English Ivy—the plant that often effortlessly climbs up buildings—is fine to… Several hours of direct morning sunlight is a must. Bromeliads are excellent houseplants as they do exceptionally well indoors. Although it does flower (and produces edible fruit) the main attraction is the glossy green leaves that grow fairly tall. Foliage Plants. Indoor palm trees thrive when soil is moist—never too soggy or too dry. Look out for the variegated versions, where the leaves have a watercolour-style pink edge that will eventually fade to a white yellow. Whether you are looking for hanging foliage, tall plants, or simple succulents, here are the best indoor plants to make your space greener and more lively! Caladium. Click here! Plenty of bright light and the right amount of watering (not too much) are the two main components to keep this tree healthy. Water the … The zebra plant displays large patterned ovate leaves on tall stalks. Showing 1–12 of 199 results. Ficus elastica Robusta - Rubber Plant Tree - House Plant Ficus elastica Tineke - Variegated Rubber Plant circa 60cms Howea forsteriana - KENTIA PALM - The best palm for indoors - 100cm Potted Plant Most commonly known as the braided money tree when grown indoors. Terms & Conditions. Jun 22, 2019 - Explore Laura King's board "Indoor Foliage" on Pinterest. Common indoor palm trees brighten up any corner or living space with their elegant foliage. Short Excerpt Tropical Foliage Plants Inc. The prayer plant, or Maranta, is so called because the leaves fold up at night, like hands folded in prayer. Add a rainforest vibe with the green variegation of Aglaonema, Alocasia and Dieffenbachia or the easy care Dracaena dragon trees. Calathea are gorgeous houseplants, but they need a little extra love and tenderness. An array of hybrid plants from the aglaonema genus cultivated over the years because of their increase in popularity. It’s also, as the folks over at A Beautiful Mess point out, non-toxic to children, cats, and dogs, so you won’t have to worry about your pets snacking on it. Established in 1968, we are the regions best source for indoor foliage,potted blooming plants and so much more! Submit your house plant to the new forum and ask others for identification. How to care for indoor palm plants: Place the palm plant in a bright location, with indirect sunlight, and in well-draining potting soil. The dumb cane is an easy to grow plant that survives well on basic care conditions that should be provided. They … Hay 7 localidades donde se encuentran resultados relacionados con Indoor Foliage Plants. Ficus Pumila, F. Lyrata, F. Elastica and F. Benjamina. As the leaves get older, they turn yellow and die out. It likes bright, indirect light and a moist environment. The leaves on the most popular variety are leathery types which are green with yellow prominent veins that turn a reddish purple color. Identification of your indoor house plants with my indoor plants pictures. However, their beautiful foliage in a mix shade of green, white and yellow makes them fantastic Tropical Foliage Plants. Decorative Foliage Indoor Plants Decorative Foliage refers to plants that are valued solely for their beautiful leaves. Indoor plants are a great way to freshen up your house. The panda plant (botanical name: kalanchoe tomentosa) is a fairly easy succulent plant species to care for and maintain – which is grown for it's interesting furry leaves. They do bloom small flowers which are non-showy, but they're primarily grown indoors for their foliage. These Foliage plants can act as natural filters against bad air quality and help build a healthier home environment. These velvety leaves are greenish gray in color. Quote. This is the only palm native to Europe which is why it grows very well in temperate regions. See house plants that not only spruce up the home but remove harmful toxins. Variegated do not tolerate low light as good as the plain green variety. Due to it's easy going nature it's become a very popular ornamental foliage house plant. The aluminum plant is an easy to grow species native to China and Vietnam. No one can doubt these oversized beauties for anything but tropical. While choosing a foliage plant it is very important to understand the nature of the plant and the way the leaves will react to seasonal changes. Cast iron is its name for one reason only; it's cast iron in strength when adapting to low light and neglect. Eak Foliage Plants Thailand, เทศบาลนครสมุทรปราการ. Determine whether a particular plant will only survive or thrive in that environment. Croton "Variegated" - Codiaeum Variegatum. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. ... Peace lilies are typically indoor plants. They make great indoor plants since they soak up lots of sunshine and don’t need a lot of watering. This is a very popular indoor plant which requires adequate water and sunlight. It’s simply impossible to resist the bold and colorful foliage of coleus. Check out some of the best indoor ferns here. Because these grow up to six feet tall and only have thin stems they need support if a grower wants it to grow upwards in height rather than hanging. Peace lilies and Chinese evergreen can handle the well-meaning over-waterer. Indoor foliage plants come in many shapes and sizes, and are generally easy to care for. They don’t grow in soil, but live attached to branches or rocks. This green leafy plant with silver brushmarks can bring a positive impact to your homes and offices. Our lush foliage plants can create a warm, comforting environment. Home / Indoor Plants / Foliage Plants Foliage Plants. Learn how to grow Fiddle leaf fig indoors here! The large and dark green leaves of the Elephant Ear plant adds up to its beauty. I can help you with your indoor house plants care! Croton plants can be quite demanding for the average grower, so a beginner plant they're not. Studies show that living plants at the workplace can enhance productivity, lower stress, and improve air quality for employees. You have entered an incorrect email address! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Here's a roundup up the 18 best foliage plants to intersperse among your blooms. Thank you for visiting our website to find out more about our company and our beautiful plants. Grow varieties like Gold dust, Mammy, Petra, Red iceton, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Air plants are easy to care for and a little bit different from most other small indoor plants. Cast Iron Plant - Aspidistra Elatior. Add a rainforest vibe with the green variegation of Aglaonema, Alocasia and Dieffenbachia or the easy care Dracaena dragon trees. Foliage Plants Foliage type indoor plants tend to require less strict caring instuctions and foliage can be just as attrcative as any flowering type. Temperature is an important factor for growth and varies from species to species. If you want to improve your interior without splurging a lot of money, grow these large foliage houseplants . The trend of the Rubber plant is evergreen, helping your house to possess a tropical touch. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Foliage - Indoor Plant Hire Melbourne Foliage indoor plant hire is an experienced company in the Victoria indoor plant hire industry. The only ways to really upset this plant is over-watering or re-potting too often. We have years of knowledge and experience when it comes to caring for tropical indoor plants. One of the most exquisite tropical plants with exotic flowers, resembling the shape of a bird. Chilling injury occurs below 50 F. (10 C.) for most tropical plants. Nerve Plant (Fittonia) Nerve plants look amazing. The Rubber Plant, or Ficus Elastica, is a popular indoor plant that is quite hardy. Home / Indoor Plants / Foliage Plants / Page 7 Foliage Plants. To know about the best types of indoor Bromeliads, click here! The best temperature range for most interior foliage plants is between 60 and 80 F. (16-27 C.) These temperatures are similar to that found in the understory of a tropical forest. Link. Decline. Tropical foliage to ‘leaf’ you breathless! Plant these 13 Indoor Plants with Big Leaves in your home now! The ovate leaves display pinkish colored stripes on a green background. Anthurium includes many amazing species that you can grow indoors. This fun foliage plant gets its common name from its arching, threadlike, grassy leaves, which resemble fiber optic wire. For this foliage plant bundle, we will choose 10 different plants of all different species. The look of stunning huge leaves can be new focal points. The pothos is a climbing type vine that has aerial roots. Peace lilies can … Like its name suggests, snake plants have spiky, glossy leaves that extend into the air. Foliage Plants Adiantum fragrans (Maidenhair Fern) € 6.95 “Price excl. Named for its coin-shaped leaves, Chinese money plants, or pilea plants, offer a splash of green color that can brighten any room. 24 Types of Tropical Foliage House Plants | Tropical Indoor Plants 1. This is why Foliage plants opted as indoor Foliage plants. Most of the indoor plant species that the houseplant consumer runs into are a member of a … Earlier, they were just shade-lovers, but now sun-loving varieties are also available. golden pothos, monsteras, African violets and Swedish ivy gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, when the plant fad returned again after WWII. This plant doesn't mind being a little pot-bound, but try to make sure it doesn't completely dry out between waterings. Plants don’t get much easier to grow than the dracaena marginata - and they fight back to full health so easily after periods of neglect. In Britain the Epipremnum Aureum is known as the devils ivy. Big green leaves of Fiddle Leaf fig with bold veins, add a lush of greenery to any house! It comes in a wide range of leaf shapes and colors, giving you a lot of options to choose from! Trending: Indoor Plants with Pink Foliage . A common method growers use to support the golden pothos is using a moss stick. This houseplant radiates its beauty through arching green leaves, which are flushed with a heavy cream border. Anthurium includes many amazing species that you can grow indoors. Buy plants online - Large variety of Indoor Plants, Outdoor Plants, Fruit Plants, Flowering Plants & Herbs to choose from. Choose from the large leafed Fiddle Leaf Ficus lyrata, glossy Rubber Plants and vibrant patterned Calathea. We also added them to our list of best fragrant houseplants. To know how to grow and care for rubber plants, click here! Some of the popular varieties are Calypso, Cecilia, Emerald beauty, Golden bay, Maria, Nicole, and Queen Juliana. Looks superb grown on a moss stick. Tropical plants are a great choice to bring colors, textures, and that laid-back tropical feel to your home. A big Monstera plant in your house can add a tropical touch to your interior, with its unique, split-leaf pattern. Friendship Foliage is a family owned business started in 1986. Estos resultados … Mother of Thousands is a succulent plant that produces many small plantlets at the edge of the leaves. Some of the best types for this purpose are… The common wandering jew is given to various plant varieties from the tradescantia genus. To know how to grow and care for rubber plants, Learn how to grow Fiddle leaf fig indoors, 11 Plants that Stay Green in Winters | Winter Garden Plants, How to Fertilize an Air Plant+Best DIY Air Plant Fertilizer, 20 Table Decorating Ideas with Small Potted Houseplants, Exclusive 100 Pin Worthy Houseplant Pictures, 10 Most Googled Houseplants of the Year So Far, 18 Most Attractive Houseplants for Decorative Purpose. Its glossy green leaves pair best with yellow, white, and pink blotches, making it a beautiful addition to both homes and offices. Add a bit of drama to any space with flamboyantly colored foliage of the Ti plant that’s sure to add an instant appeal! Air plants love bright light but they cannot withstand direct sunlight, which quickly burns their foliage. The trunks are braided and the tree can grow up to 10ft tall or can be grown as a bonsai. Name: Isolepis cernua. We are committed in delivering excellence in quality and in customer service. Ferns also remove chemical pollutants from the environment, making them a functional Tropical Foliage Plants. Indoor Plants: Green for the Office. Please note changing a … Buy plants for personal and corporate gifts from the largest online plant store in the Middle East. Eak Foliage Plants Thailand It is good for pot planting in indoor areas and ideal for mass planting in the garden or as an excellent feature plant in large containers. This palm is very popular in Britain and is easy to grow; when applying the basic care conditions correctly. Most popular Most recent. The exotic-looking foliage, with up to eight lobes in a single leaf, of Fatsia Japonica, adds beauty to any place. Accept. Not the easiest plant to care … The striking foliage makes it well worth the growers effort. They are very adaptable and brighten up any surrounding you place them. When you’re with us, it’s all aboutconsistently great quality in our products and consistently great service to our customers. These seven houseplants have some of the most unique leaves we’ve seen — striking presentations that are sure to hold the eye and make your friends ask — what is that? VAT: € 26.39 ” Add to cart. Go to your library and find references of the specific care of plants being considered for the indoor … Also known as the umbrella plant, thanks to the elongated leaves, looking like an umbrella. Calathea. Also known as Angel Wings, they steal the show with their unique appearance. Showing 73–84 of 199 results. Turn your summer garden into a tropical paradise with the help of some of the biggest and brightest foliage plants around. What's your favorite foliage house plants?

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