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Each skateboard has two separate "trucks" that are mounted to the skateboard deck. Average wheel size for beginners and bigger riders skating street, skate parks, bowls, and vert ramps. You pick the right skateboard parts by choosing the right size deck, matching trucks, decent wheels, and proper bearings. Still have questions? Mr. Pen- Grip Tape, 10" x 36", Skateboard Grip Tape, Non Slip Tape, Scooter Grips, Longboard Gri… Free Standard Shipping and No Tax to 68 Countries. I personally have hollow and titanium trucks but it’s because I like to support the brands and I always like nice stuff. The kingpin is the large bolt that holds these parts together and fits inside the skateboard bushings. Grip tape, spacers and optionally riser pads depending on your wheel size. They also are the heaviest but that doesn’t really matter. Cruising around? To determine the wheels that fit your personal preference I’d suggest checking out my wheel guide, it’s a beefy post and has everything there’s possible to know about wheels. Grip tape can be used to brighten a board, add texture, and express your personal style. Skateboard Decks Cruiser Decks Skateboard Wheels Skateboard Trucks Skateboard Bearings Complete Skateboards … If you want to get technical by doing grinds, ollies, flips etc go for Thunders. Here’s an example 8.25″ setup. Start building your complete skateboard with our skateboard builder. Not all decks are shaped the same. Designed for smooth rides, cruising, longboards, hills, and rough surfaces. If you are a beginner to skateboarding, choose your deck according to the width, not the length or wheelbase. If your trucks are too narrow you’ll run more risk of wheel bit and you won’t be able to see them when you ride your deck. Venture trucks offer great stability and are great for parks and transition skateboarding. I haven’t had any wheel bite issues but my trucks have a high profile and I attached shockpads. They don’t have to line up to the nanometer but you get the idea. Wheel bite occurs when the wheel touches the skateboard deck during a sharp turn and stops the wheel from rotating. harder wheels offer less grip and more slide. If you still have questions about skateboard wheels, please visit our Skateboard Wheels Buying Guide. I wanted to get the 54mm but they sold out, they” becomes 54 eventually so I’ll be able to use them a little longer. Skateboard wheels vary in color, size, and durability. Choosing Your First Skateboard Trucks « Back. A 12-page primer on skate culture, including history, deck art, skateboarding in the media and the importance of homemade skate videos and photos. Free shipping everyday. Vintage trucks. You could also head over to and get a pre-built skateboard. Grip tape allows the rider's feet to grip the surface of the skateboard deck and helps the skater stay on the board while doing tricks. In general, a narrow deck flips better and wider decks provide more stability. If you plan to assemble it yourself you might also save a few bucks. Skateboard deck: Decks Buying Guide: Skateboard Decks: 2. Tactics Up In Stoke Skateboard Deck $39.95. Think of tail slides for example. 1/4″ riser pads require 1 1/8″ bolts. Check out the available skateboard riser pads currently in stock. It’s entirely about skateboards for kids and what you need to look for. Assembling your skateboard isn't difficult once you understand how all the parts … If everybody would buy blanks, many companies would go out of business. In general, a mid-sized truck works well for most skateboarders, but high or low trucks may be preferred for different styles of skating. Depending on where you skate and what you like to do. Now that you have a general idea of what to get I’ll give you a couple of suggestions. Some are pointier shaped and some don’t differ much from the tail which makes it easier to do tricks switch stance. Once you get the basics down you probably have a better idea of what kind of setup you need. All Skate. Many companies do not use the ABEC rating scale, such as Bones Bearings. Street and technical skateboarding require wheels with a durometer between 96A and 99A though some prefer 100A+. Learning The Parts … If you just want to cruise go for a wider setup 8.5″ wide and above. They also prevent damage when attaching your wheels to your trucks. Some have pointier noses, other have higher tails etc. We're a small local skate … I’ve selected a couple of setups for street skateboarding and transition. Truck profile is the distance between the bottom of the skate deck and the hanger. They’re all high-quality trucks and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Good for street and rough surfaces. There are many different types of protective gear available, make sure it fits properly. Even if you wear gear, you still can hurt yourself. Cruising and tricks anything between 56mm and 60mm. Get the best deals on Skateboard Parts when you shop the largest online selection at Warehouse Skateboards offers a variety of colors and patterns of grip tape. The width you need depends on your size, skating style and personal preference. High concave means less stability but is suited better for technical tricks. If you still have questions about skateboard decks, please visit our Skateboard Deck Buying Guide. If you still have questions about skateboard trucks, please visit our Skateboard Trucks Buying Guide. Head over to Stoked Ride Shop, for $85 you get a quality complete setup with Paris Street trucks, 99a 53mm street/park wheels, a blank deck and super fast bearings. Featured Skate. I usually pick decks for their shape and a specific width. Everett Mall (16.5 miles) … 1" to 1 1/8" hardware - 1/8" riser It also depends on the diameter of your wheels, if the diameter is 56mm and above, you don’t want to get low trucks as there isn’t enough clearance. Often overlooked but in order to get the most out of your bearings buy a set of spacers. Electrical Connectors. Spitfires are known for their flat spot resistant urethane formula and their fancy graphics. At least get a helmet and knee pads, a helmet can save your life and pads will prevent you from having to take a break because of busted knees. Skateboard wheel durometer is usually measured on a Durometer A Scale which goes from 1-100 to measure hardness. Most of the time you get free grip tape and often shops apply it for you. The nose is usually higher from the ground compared to the tail. Individual parts for all your electric skateboarding needs. I recommend not going all out for your first skateboard, anything between $100 and $130 is fine. Bigger wheels from let’s say 55mm and above are great for mini ramps, verts, and bowls but not so much for street skating. These bearings do not follow the ABEC ratings because they are superior in quality and the ABEC rating ignores many quality factors in which Bones Bearings prides itself. Skateboard Trucks. Brushless outrunners like the ones used in remote control cars and planes work well. Just Like wheels, bushings vary in hardness, softer will make your board turn better but might feel a bit more unstable. Term: Wheel Base Corresponding Part: Deck Description: Wheel base of a skateboard deck is the distance between the inside mounting holes on a board, essentially the distance between two … Riser pads come in a variety of colors and thickness levels. There are tons of fun tricks that even beginners can practice. Skateboards & Skate Parts in the Skateboard Shop. It’s a bit closer to the ground compared to your nose. If there’s one thing that’s overwhelming it’s the vast amount of wheels available. Your wheels come into contact with a curb, your wheel won’t get stuck but instead will slide. If you want to cruise and do tricks you’ll need something that’s not too soft and not too hard, like Ricta clouds for example. They will help you find the right products to fit your skateboarding needs. The ABEC rating does not specify many critical factors, such as load handling capabilities, ball precision, materials, material Rockwell hardness, degree of ball and raceway polishing, noise, vibration, and lubricant. I would avoid the gimmicky trucks as a beginner. 56mm and up sometimes require riser pads depending on the tightness of your trucks and the hardness of your bushings. If you’re not interested in assembling one yourself I came up with a couple of prebuild boards that are perfect for beginners. They shouldn’t stick out and shouldn’t be too short. All Skateboard wheels are measured in millimeters (mm). Ride them for a while and save up for something better. Tactics Icon Skateboard Deck $34.95. Thunder also produces the lowest trucks which keep your center of gravity lower. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying trucks such as the axle width and height. Most bearings are measured by an ABEC rating. You can go for an old school deck if you still want to ollie curbs or a mini cruiser if you want a comfortable ride while still having a portable board. Please fill out our simple contact form. Shop Decks. It’s made of different materials than regular sandpaper-like grip tape. If you need a push in the right direction, below is a list of components to set up your own custom skateboard. Skateboarding requires dedication and take some time to lean. The diameter and durometer are a matter of personal preference and skating style. If you swap the Bones out for a set of Bones 100’s and get a blank deck you can reduce the cost by $30. Independent or Thunder trucks or your preferred brand that match the width of your deck. Ricta Clouds 92a Wheelsor OJ’s, 56mm-60mm.

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