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Further Reading: Encyclopedia Britannica Easter History and Facts Wikipedia on Easter Easter Day. By the way, in 1999 the Easter Holiday falls on the 4th of April, Easter Sunday dates for the next 10 years. - When is Easter 1999? Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. The original Julian calendar had 12 months starting with March of alternately 31 and 30 days with February (the last month) having 29 days - giving a total of 365 days. This Tool calculates the Orthodox Easter Holidays Date, Orthodox Good Friday Date, Orthodox Easter Saturday Date, Orthodox Easter Sunday Date, Orthodox Easter Monday Date from 1975 to 1999 Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, which is believed to have occurred on the third day (inclusive) after Passover.In the Hebrew calendar, Passover occurs on the 14th of Nisan.Nisan is the first month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, with the 14th corresponding to a full moon.Additionally, by the 2nd century, many Christians chose to only observe Easter on a Sunday. The dates given in this article are based on the Gregorian calendar, which is followed by members belonging to the denominations of Protestant Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. Easter, considered the greatest feast day in the Christian calendar, is a moveable feast, which means that it falls on a different date each year.Easter always falls on a Sunday, but Easter Sunday can be as early as March 22 and as late as April 25. Christians celebrate this day in observance of their belief that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion, now estimated to have taken place between the years AD 26 and AD 36. When Is Easter 2020? Easter Monday is one of the 7 national public holidays in Australia. Islamic festivals or the holidays are celebrated according to Islamic calendar. Easter Dates List or table 2020 to 2040 : Need to know the exact date of Easter this year? © 2020 wheniseastersunday.com - All rights reserved. The Orthodox dates below are based on the original calculation using the Julian calendar, converted to the equivalent date in the Gregorian calendar now in use. For school year 1999-2000 the following dates and periods will be observed: The school year for elementary and secondary levels will begin on Monday, June 7, 1999 and end on March 31, 2000. 4-5-1999 Canada This year, Easter will be observed on Sunday, April 12. Monday, May 17, 1999 - Year A, Cycle I - White Vestments Today's Rosary: The Joyful Mysteries Today's Mass: Monday of the Seventh week of Easter Readings for Mass From the Proper of the Season First Reading: Acts 19:1-8 Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 68:2-3, 4-5, 6-7 Gospel: John 16:29-33 Tuesday, May 18, 1999 - Year A, Cycle I - White Vestments Today's Rosary: The Sorrowful Mysteries April 1999 Calendar. Online monthly calendar 1999 and printable 1999 holiday calendar are also available here. How is the date of Easter calculated? Holidays in April, 1999: April 1 1999: April Fools' Day April 4 1999: Easter April 22 1999: Earth Day April 30 1999: Arbor Day. It is also called as Muslim calendar or Hijri calendar. Further Reading: Encyclopedia Britannica Easter History and Facts Wikipedia on Easter Easter Day. All dates are inclusive. There are either 29 or 30 days in each month, but they are not in order. Western Easters are the basis of public holidays, and are the dates celebrated by Western religions. View online or print in PDF format. Free printable calendar for April 1999. Days to Easter 2005. April 15th, 2001: Below the list is an Easter Sunday date calculator for any year from 326 to 4099! Know when Easter is going to be observed in the years to come and get prepared for the celebrations beforehand. The following sections do mention how to calculate Easter under the Julian calendar, but the reader should be aware that this is an attempt to express in formulas what was originally expressed in tables. Easter, also called Pascha, is the most important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. This complicates the matter, due to the inaccuracy of the Julian calendar, and the 13 days that have accrued since the year A.D. 325. and means, in order to stay in line with the originally established (325 A.D.) vernal equinox, Orthodox Easter cannot be celebrated before April 3 (present-day Gregorian calendar), which was March 21 in A.D. 325. The date for Easter shifts every year within the Gregorian Calendar. See also the position of the moon, check the Moon calendar 1999 . You can also get the dates for the previous 100 years and the next 100 years.You can also get a printable easter date worksheet for kids to work out the date of easter in any year at all. Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year. Date of Easter Sunday 1999, Easter Date. Only NSW confirmed so far: Anzac Day: Apr 25 2000: ... 10-Oct-1999: 1-Feb-2000: TAFE Holidays 2000. The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar consists of twelve months in a year and 354 days. All the times in the March 1999 calendar may differ when you eg live east or west in the United States. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2020 Astro-Seek.com Islamic Festivals Calendar. The followong list of easter dates and other public holidays were taken from the webserver of the University of Bamberg, Department for Liturgy Sciences and were send in by P. Nerses Sakayan All data refer to the calendar of religious hildays of the roman-catholic church, which corresponds to most other western churches. Sunday, April 16th is day number 106 of the 2006 calendar year with -14 years, -7 months, -14 days until Easter 2006. This page shows the date of easter in the years 2001 to 2100. Table of dates of Easter 2001-2021 can be different for Western and Eastern Christianity since each faction follows a different calendar. If you happen to be in the area of Palm Springs, CA, at Easter, please consider a visit to fellowship at Desert Chapel. Jesus was crucified immediately before the Jewish Passover, which is a celebration of the Exodus from Egypt under Moses. Do you want to know when is Easter Sunday in 1999, Find out any Easter Day from the year of 1700 to the year of 2299. The formulas can be taken as a good indication of when Easter was celebrated in the Western Church from approximately the 6th century.

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