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Here are the most important aspects of a sash window’s frame to ensure it retains the classic heritage aesthetic. Our sash handles are available in four finishes covering the traditional to the more modern effect. We understand the importance of authenticity and always strive to tastefully recreate the period detailing for which sash windows are renowned. Reddiseals stock the most popular styles of window furniture to complement a variety of sash windows. D Handles resemble a regular door handle in design. These are crucial for buildings that occupy vulnerable people such as young children. They provide complete blackout when necessary, will improve your home’s heat retention, and add an extra layer of security to your windows. Sash Window Furniture Kits & Bundles Sash Fasteners Sash Lifts & Pull Handles Sash Eyes Sash Security Pole Hook Holders Draught Proofing Kits Timber Bead Slide Pile Pile Carrier Sash Poles Sash Cords Sash Weights Victorian Edwardian and Georgian Wooden sash Windows are copied to the original design, we supply and fit new box and sash windows, new cords and weights, draught proofing beads and new window furniture. Sash Lifts & Handles are also in sure supply. Roller, Roman, Venetian, Vertical… Blinds are more popular than ever. Our branded range offers a collection of fixtures and fittings manufactured by traditional British craftsmen. We’ve spent over 25 years developing our suite of uPVC sash windows. This can be easily alleviated with any of our Jackloc Window Restrictors, which limit how far windows can be pulled open. Sash window frames are usually made of PVC, wood, aluminum or an aluminum-wood combination to reduce heat loss. What is the Best Replacement for Wooden Sash Windows. Sash Window Furniture. Voile panels create privacy while allowing an abundance of natural light to enter the room. Reddiseals stock the most popular styles of window furniture to complement a variety of sash windows. Embrace the continental style with café style timber shutters. The cord or pole can then be removed and stored nearby. They are great for creating a light and airy living space and will perfectly complement the high-ceilinged design of many Victorian and Edwardian buildings. They are now a decorative essential. Sash locks, sash lifts, sash fasteners, sash window handles. Choosing the right fasteners will enhance the overall aesthetic of your sash windows. As a general configuration guide, Georgian windows usually featured a six-panel grid design on both top and bottom sashes. Reddiseals stock the most popular styles of window furniture to complement a variety of sash windows. Reddiseals offers extensive choice and additional value without compromising on quality. Sash horns are a key feature of traditional sash windows. When engaged, the keep helps to pull, lift, and align the meeting rails together. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a definitive guide to sash window furniture. If you are keen to give your existing, or new, timber Victorian doors and timber windows a lift, selecting the right window and door furniture could give them the added ‘wow’ factor. Brighton sash window fasteners offer an adjustable screw down fitting which pulls the two sashes together and aligns them vertically. Sash Window Furniture - Choose from a massive range of British made sash window fittings, such as; Sash Window Fasteners, Sash Window Handles, Sash Lifts and Sash Stops. Astragal or Georgian bars were originally used to support small separate glazing panels. Sash ring lifts are used in a similar way to sash hooks. We want every customer to find the right product for their needs, and that is why as well as selling UPVC window furniture, we have a range of sash window furniture including sash fasteners, sash handles, sash rings, sash lifts and so much … How to choose Choice of sash window will depend on the size of the room, the insulating qualities of the window materials and ease of washing. It is used in the manufacture of uPVC sash windows to replicate traditional methods of timber joinery. On one side a sprung arm protrudes from the hardware and the other side features a receptacle for the sprung arm. These are the four options available for your sash window fasteners. You are here: Home | Sash | Sash Window Furniture. Limit stops are key lockable and provide peace of mind for security conscious homeowners. Reddiseals offer a wide range of casement window furniture including an extensive range of fasteners and stays which are available from stock, designed to satisfy the traditional casement window market and covering all styles and budgets. This sash window furniture is discreetly attached to the inside rail of the top sash to allow it to be pulled down. We hope you have found this guide useful and informative, and you now have all the information you need to successfully accessorise your sash windows. Please contact us for details, and allow a 10-12 week lead time for manufacture. Reddiseals stock the most popular styles of window furniture to complement a variety of sash windows, available in four finishes covering the traditional to the more modern effect. We stock all the sash window furniture you need to complete your sash window renovation - sash handles, lifts, fasteners and pulleys in a wide choice of finish. Choose from natural timber colours including Golden Oak and Rosewood, or a painted effect look with White or Cream. Sash Window Furniture Lifts Sash Window Lifts Open and close windows with ease with this effective range of sash window lifts and pulls. The furniture allows you to keep your sash windows to operating smoothly and secure. Products: Window Furniture: Sash Window Fittings Sash Window Fittings We stock a range of sliding box sash window furniture, fittings and fasteners in traditional solid brass or chrome and nickel for a more contemporary look. They create an opulent feeling to any room and can be chosen to match your interior decoration scheme. The sash eye is a small cylindrical piece of metal (usually brass or chrome) featuring two holes. They’ll help to keep a room cool in the hot summer months and can be made with a stable door design to allow for half opening. Our Antique Pewter, Black and Beeswax window furniture ranges are ideal for period properties, barn conversions and country houses. With modern frames capable of supporting larger expanses of glass, they are now used purely for visual effect. Sash lifts are fitted on the inner sash to assist in lifting. Sash Window Hardware High-quality and elegant sash window hardware is invaluable when you want to enhance the overall functionality and aesthetic qualities of a sash window design. Our window furniture range has been designed for the user in mind and satisfies a variety of styles and budgets. Rose Collection sash windows are so secure that they achieve Secured by Design accreditation. A cable runs between the outside frame and the movable sash to restrict the window’s opening capacity. A pin style key is inserted into a hole next to the swivelling cam to further improve security. Alternatively, they can feature clip-on sash horns which are added after the window has been made. A well specified sash window will complement a building’s design and fit perfectly with the architectural aesthetic. The one you choose will depend on your style of property and which method you find most usable. A realistic wood grain finish will perfectly complete your uPVC sash window. In this section you will also find window This sash window furniture was originally used to strengthen the joints and limit the opening capacity. Burglars were often able to force entry using a crow bar and a firm push. Ovolo detailing is a curved design used by carpenters and common in classical architecture. This is an in-depth resource which will help homeowners, installers, fabricators, and anyone interested in a valuable part of British history, to understand sash window furniture. Rola stops are key operated and provide the best levels of window security. With a choice of colours and design finishes Anglian’s sash window furniture range provides you with the option to replace or upgrade old sash window handles, cam locks or other decorative hardware.

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