5 uses of computer in airport

Before we learn about the software, let’s start with the main airport operations. Sourced from Rohit Gupta, VP of Manufacturing, Energy and Transportation, UK, Cognizant. 5 Uses Of Computer In Our Daily Life In Home: People use the computer at home for distance learning, e-commerce, music, movies, and much more. In 2015, the passenger traffic across the European airport network grew by an average of more than 5.2%. The forecasting sytem uses data on that they fly safely Cancel Unfollow. Integrating digital technologies is critical for airports to operate efficiently. Air travel is on the rise: in 2014 alone, 879 million passengers travelled by air in the European Union, an increase of 4.4 % compared with 2013. Sign in . Answer Save. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. 1 Answer. By: CNN Wire Posted at 6:46 PM, Aug 08, 2016 . Like 0. Staff Allocation Forecasting systems also enable managers to ensure there are enough staff to run the airport efficiently. 1. role of computers in airport 1. Advanced Computer Technology was First Implemented to Save Money in the Aviation Industry . Changi Airport in Singapore, for example, has placed technology at the heart of its commercial strategy and plans to implement facial recognition technology to reduce the dependency on staff for manual checks. Sign in. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Remove this from your Read Later list? Add this to your Read Later list? > See also: London Heathrow is officially the world's most mobile-friendly airport – by charging capability. Wiki User Answered . The first type is called the Light Business Jet, and it can carry four to eight people. Each airline typically serves multiple destinations, and at least some destinations are served with multiple flights per day. And no industry has been left untouched. Answer. The use of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other electronic gadgets continues to rise, and airports are wooing tech-savvy travelers by offering Wi-Fi access throughout their terminals. Through analysing the digital data that surrounds almost everything consumers do, from social media posts to how they interact with self-service systems and check-ins – what we at Cognizant call Code Halos – airport operators can tailor services to each customer to increase loyalty by differentiating the airport experience. Computer based training works, compared with traditional techniques; it can bring many additional benefits to any organization, their training department and their students. These tasks may be Online appointments, payroll admittance and discharge records etc. Cancel Add Remove. 5.Computers are central to the efficient communication and recording of an airplane's flight data. They can be divided into four types: landside operations, airside operations, billing and invoicing, and information management. A nice example is Changi Airport’s ‘Social Tree', where travellers can share photos and videos while visiting the airport, helping to increase brand awareness as airports continue to compete with each other for footfall. Munich Airport in Germany is using an interactive InfoGate system with a touch-screen camera, printer and ticketing facility to allow passengers to interact in real-time with airport staff via a video conference system. Early aircraft were controlled by moving parts attached to the controls using cables. Hospital management systems can store data about patients. As consumers expect and demand effortless digital interactions, airports, like many other industries, are undergoing a revolution to meet this need. At bank: computers are used for keeping records of account holder. The same sensors can also provide health data about travellers by scanning their temperature, making it easy to quarantine those passengers coming from infected territories. Start at page: Link: Copy. 1.To ensure that planes stay on schedule and that they fly safely 2.Allows you to easily modify travel arrangements at any airport 3.Computers are necessary for the use of pre- screening measures 4.Computers are crucial to an airport's air traffic control services. [...], 1 December 2020 / The new partnership between Mindtree and Databricks will look to support use of the Databricks [...], 1 December 2020 / In response to the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic, many enterprise companies have begun making the [...], Fleet House, 59-61 Clerkenwell Road, EC1M 5LA, in 2014 alone, 879 million passengers travelled by air in the European Union, an increase of 4.4 % compared with 2013. This can include opening additional baggage carousels or increasing staff at passport control at certain times of the day or following certain flights. Roughly& 28% of airports worldwide already use biometric technology as part of their airport security to eradicate the need to present documents at multiple stages of the journey. In modern, fly-by- wire system, electronic signals from the cockpit are sent to that adjusts the flight surfaces. While improved security and speed of navigation have been the main drivers behind the adoption of much technology, many concepts have been designed to inject a little fun into the unescapable airport wait. The advantages of using AirPort Extreme to create a wireless Mac network include the following: AirPort Extreme is compatible with most Macs made in the last few years. Airports today are investing more financial resource into technology than ever before, and the spend will only increase.

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