going to iceland in july

Or you could discover Iceland with like-minded visitors as part of a small guided group tour. This means you can expect around 18-20 hours of daylight at this time of year. Summer is the high-season for tourism in Iceland so if you … After registration, I received a barcode which I had to have ready when exiting the plane. AN EYE MASK In the land of the midnight sun – where the sun barely dips below the horizon in any 24 hour period, and a running commentary about Iceland… If you enjoy scenic beauty, get busy planning your Iceland visit today. Naturally, the name Ice-land has given you some indication as to the clothing that might be required.Only a basic level of research will tell you to expect all kinds of weather in Iceland… A travel ban is ongoing for multiple nations, including the US. I’d say Iceland is one of the few destinations which I consider safe and responsible to visit at the moment, but only if you’d have the flexibility, time and budget for the worst-case scenario (a mandatory quarantine). Having a waterproof jack… It made the trip so easy and smooth. Iceland Weather in July: As mentioned, July is another one of the most popular times of the year to visit Iceland. We had the most amazing trip and would do it all over again in a heartbeat! How about a live chat with one of our local travel experts? Please keep the high standard. As a travel blogger, I’m normally used to traveling a lot – slowing down and being in one place for several months certainly felt strange. Here are some self-drive tours in Iceland you might like. For more information: full details on current rules and procedures for travel to Iceland can be found here. On the other hand, you might prefer to be accompanied by a local expert throughout your Iceland experience. We’ve got you covered. AKA one of the most epic swimming pools in the world, the Blue Lagoon’s water temperature averages 37–39 °C (98–102 °F) year round making it one of the most popular destinations in Iceland. See more of the Icelandic countryside! Whether you have a single question or a special request, we're here for you. Camping … PM: Before my trip to Iceland I’d been at home for about three months (since the situation in Europe escalated in early March). Visit between October and March to go on one of the northern lights tours available in Iceland. In between I've been to 50 countries and counting, and I speak. You’ll have your own personal guide to show you the best locations and sites. People are always asking me when the best time to visit Iceland is, but that is such a hard question to answer! June/July will be almost 24 hours daylight, so unfortunately no chance of seeing the northern lights. Weather is pleasant (though not hot), and the days are long. You have to do two tests – one with the stick up your nose, and the other one with the stick down your throat. We were extremely happy with how our Tour was prepared and the itinerary couldn't have been any more perfect we got to see and do everything that we wanted to. Make yourself aware of road safety precautions before you travel. They’ll help you see Iceland your way, tailoring your itinerary by adding all the best excursions and experiences to suit you. Gadget & Comfort. I'm a writer and filmmaker, born in Manhattan, raised in Japan and the UK and now based in Stockholm. On average there are highs of 15°C (59°F) and lows of 9°C (48°F). From the Icelandic National Day to the biggest outdoor music festival of the year, everything is here to enjoy the perfect holidays.Between pleasant temperatures, longer days and nice weather, June is definitely a great month to visit Iceland. Most days will be dry and sunny, but be … Going to visit a different country that you have never been to can be overwhelming. Enjoy free time to explore on your own, as well as day tours with a variety of expert guides. Here are some of the best places to visit in Iceland in July: Where you go in Iceland depends on how much time you have to spend. U.S. Embassy Reykjavik, Iceland COVID-19 Information Last updated: 12/03/2020 Country-Specific Information: Iceland currently has 205 active cases, with 670 in quarantine and 27 fatalities. Oh, and all of our itineraries can be customised! Iceland announced already weeks ago that the country would open up again for tourists from Europe by mid-June and after reading about their Corona measures for visitors, it seemed like Iceland would be a safe destination and has the situation well under control. We’re a fully licensed and insured company in Iceland. Both were fabulous times to go to Iceland … From all those countries, Iceland seems to be the prime example of how safe travel can be possible again, and it is probably your best chance for a great holiday this summer. So. There are so many things to do in Iceland during this month that you can’t get bored. Still, I am here to help so let me share my best advice on what to wear so that you stay warm, comfortable and dry on your trip to Iceland. Camping … Given these circumstances, I perfectly understand that many people just aren’t bothered to go on a holiday at the moment and that international travel just isn’t a priority for many. (already booked a beer with klikk) let me know.. ... going to Reykjavik Iceland -- in july going to Reykjavik Iceland -- in july. I personally love each and every beautiful season that Iceland offers for different reasons. These restrictions will be reviewed every two weeks going forward, so watch this space. May be time for a mini-shutterstock-meet-up. You’ll get to meet people from around the world and learn from the expertise of a local guide, who will show you the most beautiful and fascinating parts of Iceland. Both music festivals are held in East Iceland. SUMMER – June, July, August: Certain parts of the summer see 24 hours of daylight. U.S. citizens may be able to enter Iceland on July 1, 2020, but it has not been confirmed. July & August are the warmest months of the year in Iceland – And the two months with the least amount … Your services of finding and booking the right kind of hotels and guesthouses to accomodate our budget, providing a beautiful travel guide and suggestions on what to see, and booking and including a car with Wi-Fi and information on all coordinates to map our trip made our trip enjoyable and easy. Discover, Keen to go off the beaten track? You can reach us via our toll-free numbers, contact form or LiveChat. I'm the Transport Correspondent for Monocle and also write for The New York Times, Scandinavian Traveler, BBC Travel and others. All travelers entering Iceland, including Icelandic citizens and residents, must self-quarantine for 14 … View Map. Enjoy personal service from Iceland-based travel experts. As the weather is expected to be mild in July, we recommend layers. What was it like to be home for so long as a travel blogger, and then to finally go somewhere after that? Patrick Muntzinger entering Iceland in June. You also get two named drivers on the insurance policy so you can share the driving with a travel companion. We will travel in a clockwise direction around the Island. Thank you so very much! From about 2400 arrivals during the first 3 days, 20 people had to quarantine – so there’s certainly a small risk involved everyone should be aware of when considering a trip. Safe driving in Iceland The in car wifi was essential to the tour and we were glad to have it. No matter what time of year you visit Iceland, you’re definitely going to need a good waterproof jacket. Thank you so much to our travel consultant Thor for organizing such an amazing trip, we now have such beautiful memories of a beautiful country. Stay in Reykjavik and see the countryside on planned excursions. When you book a self-drive tour with Nordic Visitor, car rentals come with collision damage waiver, a GPS, unlimited in-car Wi-Fi, and a hand-marked map of your route. Going back several weeks, Iceland looked like the most promising country for Americans to be able to visit this summer. There may be rainy days or very warm weather. Testing was free for the first two weeks, when I visited, but incurs a fee since the beginning of July (11,000 ISK / $80 at the airport, or 9,000 ISK / $65 if paid in advance). July avg high: 56F/13C; July avg low: 47F/8C; July avg precip: 2.0″/5.0cm; Even though Reykjavik somehow earned a reputation as a nightlife capital in recent years, it's still not a place you … This way you can visit virtually all the stunning corners of Iceland in one trip! Iceland is an extraordinary country & one we are so pleased we have visited. It’s not, and it won’t be for a very long time. Summer in Iceland is typically during June and July and maaaybe into mid-August. You may be lucky and visit during a heatwave. Multi-day tours With long days, you’ll have plenty of time to see the waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs, volcanic sites, geothermal baths and more. Iceland’s climate is unpredictable, so prepare for sun, wind and rain if you’re planning a trip for July! Iceland is a captivating destination for any traveler and with a host of low cost flight options from North America and mainland Europe to the land of ice and fire there has never been a better time to visit Iceland. Nordic Visitor were invaluable in taking all the hassle out of the selecting an itinerary and ensuring we got the most out of the trip. In July, visit Iceland by taking a road trip, joining a small group tour, touring with a private guide, or opting for a multi-day tour to top sights. U.S. Embassy Reykjavik, Iceland COVID-19 Information Last updated: 12/03/2020 Country-Specific Information: Iceland currently has 205 active cases, with 670 in quarantine and 27 fatalities. After succesfully containing the first local wave of COVID-19 infections last spring, Iceland experienced a second, smaller wave in the summer. I know 5 days isn't optimal for the whole island, but I … Camping in Iceland in July Camping is an incredibly popular pastime in Iceland in July, and both locals and visitors enjoy a good nature bath. I think working with Nordic Visitor to plan a self-driving trip was the way to go. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The reviews speak for themselves. You’ll also find a variety of music festivals and concerts, including the exclusive Bræðslan and heavy metal Eistnaflug. Overall it seems that though there’s some risk of ending up in quarantine, the Icelandic authorities have put together a very well-managed process for the pioneers of international tourism in the coronavirus era. I checked into my accommodation and went for a walk. From June 15 2020, Iceland reopened it’s borders to Schengen and European Countries on the proviso that arrivals agree to take a COVID19 test at the airport or enter a mandatory 14-day quarantine period. Read below to find out all the details from our local travel experts. I'm always looking for an excuse to explore a new place. When you book a self-drive tour with Nordic Visitor, your car rental comes with collision damage waiver, a GPS, unlimited in-car Wi-Fi, and a hand-marked map of your route. For example, in one guesthouse, I was specifically asked if I was healthy and was told that I’d be the only foreigner in the guesthouse and therefore, I should use a separate bathroom. Never will … Below are details of weather in Iceland in July. For example bus routes to Icelandic Highlands where the most popular trails are (Laugavegur, Kjolur etc.) In the July the temperatures in Iceland are at it’s max. Cuz. Aside from 2 days on the front and 1 day on the end touring Reykjavik, we will be … Here are 10 of the best things to do in Iceland in June: Cultural events in July We can tell you approximately what to expect but the best way to prepare, is to expect all kinds of weather. The airplane was relatively empty and boarding as well as exiting the plane was more organized than what I’m used to during pre-corona times, to avoid people being crammed in the aisle. Additionally, it goes without saying that the whole situation is devastating for everyone working in the tourism industry. In July, it is unlikely you’ll see the northern lights. I’ve been to Iceland twice now, once in July and October. Good to know: If you’re unsure about what you want to do in Iceland, don’t worry. We were six adults in a van having a great time in Iceland -- thanks to Nordic Visitor. A versatile jacket that’s preferably warm, a windbreaker, and a rain jacket in … If you want to save on food, bring a Thermos to carry soup. If you plan on visiting beaches, going for coastal walks and exploring national parks, you should wear some good hiking shoes or boots. Because the weather tends to be good at this time of year, you’ll find that you can go virtually anywhere in the country – especially on a 4x4 tour. We have tours for all varieties of travel styles and interests. Overall the trip was excellent! Just a time that suits you and what you want to get out of your trip to Iceland. 97% of customers say they’d recommend us to friends. If you are only staying for a few days, your best bet is to explore Reykjavík and the surroundings. Iceland enjoys long daylight hours in July, thanks to the midnight sun. Focus on your experience while an expert local guide focuses on you. PM: Experiencing Iceland in summer without the crowds was incredible. We also appreciated that we could customise the trip easily to fit our travel preferences. I going to spend the first 2 days in Reykjavik and do the blue lagoon, and then I've got 5 days where I'll be renting a car, and I want to drive around the whole island on Highway 1. Get peace of mind with a 24/7 helpline during your stay. It will be different person to person, and it depends on what kind of things you’re looking to do, as well as what kind of weather you prefer. Road trip With mild summer weather and the midnight sun, July is a popular time to visit Iceland. However, the average temperature in Iceland during summer is only 10°C (50 Fahrenheit) and the absolute warmest it gets is 20°C (68 F). Whether you want to take a city break, travel around the scenic Ring Road on your own or join a guided tour, Nordic Visitor … In Reykjavík the sunrise takes place at about 4:30 AM and sunset at 10:30 PM. I cover travel and transport with an eye on urbanism and adventure. I've booked many trips through different travel agencies and none have ever gone this smooth. Volcanoes, glaciers, the wind and the sea merge to create a landscape that is like nowhere else on Earth. Anybody want to grab a beer? The packet was so informative and I loved the map to be able to see what was along our route so we could plan our stops along the route before hand. Going back several weeks, Iceland looked like the most promising country for Americans to be able to visit this summer. Thanks! Be prepared for just about anything on your Icelandic adventure. Want ideas for Iceland tours in July? The Blue Lagoon. To ensure a stress-free trip, we handle all the local details for you—accommodations, activities, rental car (for self-drive tours) and other services. The Icelandic approach in spring was hailed as a success. However, after the initial shock I tried to make the best out of the situation by focusing on many projects I never really had time for before and looking back, it’s actually been good to slow down a bit from traveling. Beside a warm sleeping bag and a travel pillow, there are so many small things that we don’t usually pack but that you should bring to Iceland:. I love a great nature trip but I'm especially fascinated by infrastructure, urbanism, and how design can make or break our cities and how we move around and between them. The climate throughout July in Iceland is mild, despite rising rainfall. For your peace of mind, our team is on hand 24/7 should you need to get in touch at any point. Plus, when you book a trip to Iceland with Nordic Visitor, you get hand-picked accommodation, transportation reservations, daily breakfast and access to our 24/7 helpline. In Akureyri it is 11°C (52°F). This is my third tour with Nordic Visitor. The only major change to this has been that visitors from the United States are still barred from entering because of the EU’s decision to close its external borders to US residents. Campsites across the country are open to guests seeking some fresh air and a respite from the quotidian. The regular July temperature in the … Was a great process overall and would gladly recommend Nordic Visitor and will likely use again. Iceland Horses. For the Icelandic summer that usually means temperatures rise into the low 20s (68°F). Answer 1 of 10: I'm going to Iceland in July and don't know if I need shorts, long pants, waterproof pants, rain jackets, short or long sleeved shirts, etc. Since the weather is changeable in Iceland, it is important to come prepared. Iceland’s weather is as varied as its incredible landscape. Hi Amy, it really depends where in Iceland do you want to go hiking. A Good Quality Jacket. Here is a list of packing essentials for your Iceland trip in July: As well as these essentials, be sure to bring good sturdy walking or hiking boots depending on what activities you may want to enjoy. One of Iceland's more famous attractions with no other tourists around. Volcanoes, glaciers, the wind and the sea merge to create a landscape that is like nowhere else on Earth. You are one of the best tour operators in Europe. I’m traveling to Iceland this July for 9 days (plus 2 travel days.) We offer a variety of tours—both independent and guided—that include the must-see attractions as well as lesser-known highlights that are hand-picked by our own Icelandic travel experts. At the beginning of July, the sun rises at approximately 3 AM and sets at around 11:55 PM in Reykjavík. Iceland is generally an easy country to get around, either on a self-drive road trip like the one in this post, or as part of a group tour. Peak Season in Iceland Undoubtedly, July through the early August is the busiest time of year for Iceland's tourism industry, but crowd sizes and travel prices start going up in May and June and don't … In this post, I’m going to share with you a suggested Iceland itinerary for 5 days in Iceland, which has you driving yourself on an epic Iceland road trip. That way you can remove or add clothes depending on the day’s weather. In an attempt to control the outbreak and minimize the strain on the healthcare system, Iceland has implemented various testing and tracing measures, together with social gathering bans and social distancing measures. But generally, everyone was welcoming and friendly. I’m going to Iceland in July for 3/4 weeks, this won’t be my first time traveling alone but this time around will be slightly more challenging as I intend to buy the Ring Road Bus pass and go hitchhiking and wild camping! However, given the current situation I was able to see the country’s most popular attractions and sights without any other tourists. Reykjavik, Iceland. A privately guided tour is one of the most exclusive ways to see Iceland. Summer is a festival season and not a week goes by without some kind of village festival going on. June, July and August are the "official summer months" but May and September can also be very nice. We are traveling all over, including the westjfords. ill be in Reykjavik for a few days in the beginning of July.. around the 5th. The pre-registration for visiting Iceland. The great thing about the varied weather is it makes Iceland incredibly green and beautiful. COVID-19 tests are being offered during the arrival ... [+] process. Make sure to bring some warm under layers as well as water and windproof outer layers. Traveling to Iceland … Additionally, it’s been very tempting to experience Iceland in summer, but without the usual crowds. We loved the experience and would absolutely book through Nordic Visitor again in the future! Moreover, no earlier than May 25th and no later than June 15th, things are going to change significantly. Camping in Iceland in July Long daylight hours make July one of the best times of year to go camping in Iceland. Where does that stand now, given the new recommendation by the European Union on borders reopening (which also apply to EEA countries)? Germany has the coronavirus pretty well under control at the moment and I spent the weeks before my trip at home, so I knew that I wasn’t exposed to any risk before and as mentioned earlier, I also knew that Iceland has the situation well under control and that the precautions at the airport guarantee traveling in a responsible manner. While the country was first going to allow Americans as of June 15, that was then pushed back to July … You could go off the beaten path in the Westfjords or discover the remote highlands in a 4x4. July is when the cultural calendar in Iceland starts to grow, peaking in August. Further, if anyone within a 2-row radius around me in the plane would have tested positive, I’d have needed to go into a 14-days quarantine as well. View the statistics for COVID-19 in Iceland in English at covid.is. Hey! I am glad to have come across Nordic Visitor online. (More of Europe, Africa, Australia South America, ect). Iceland uses European-style round plugs and has a 220-volt system. :) The Country seems really amazing. You also get two named drivers on the insurance policy so you can share the driving with a travel companion. Explore Iceland, on your own or with a guide. ICELAND TOURS IN JULY With mild summer weather and the midnight sun, July is a popular time to visit Iceland. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation with Forbes Insights. We will travel in a clockwise direction around the Island. July is a great month for a private tour as you can visit remote places like the highlands. If you’re going to be out and about all day shooting photos and video, protect yourself from those UV rays with a stylish rugged trail hat. However, it’s been very important to me to actually travel responsibly and without the risk to carry the virus to another country nor to get infected abroad. – What do you think about traveling now? Nature on steroids. However, some people also seemed to be a little bit cautious regarding foreigners – which I understand, since Iceland completely beat coronavirus and now people might be worried that visitors will bring the virus back into Iceland. Get in touch with our friendly team for any of your travel questions. Patrick Muntzinger, travel blogger at germanbackpacker.com, became one of the first people into Iceland after it opened up to tourism last month, and he was willing to share some of his impressions of the experience. I'm a writer and filmmaker, born in Manhattan, raised in Japan and the UK and now based in Stockholm. Enjoy the best of everything, from luxurious hotels to exclusive excursions. Good to know: Whichever of these travel styles you choose, you’ll get all the signature Nordic Visitor benefits. Our small group tours of Iceland in July range from 5 to 14 days in duration, taking you to various locations in the country. Iceland is partially open to travellers. While the country was first going to allow Americans as of June 15, that was then pushed back to July 1. A straight forward Iceland Travel Guide for those looking for information to plan a Iceland vacation and find the best things to do in Iceland. This was the easiest trip I have ever gone on. The airport in Munich was very empty, there was no in-flight service and it was mandatory to wear a face mask. The weather is mild, driving conditions are good, and you have more daylight hours at this time of year to enjoy outdoor activities. Whatever you’re wondering about visiting Iceland in July, we’re here to answer your most commonly asked questions. I booked my trip to Iceland very spontaneously and I was very excited to travel again, although I’m very much aware that the world is not back to normal and that traveling will be a whole different experience in the near future. Aah yes, trying to predict the weather in Iceland - you are just as likely to guess the numbers in the lottery. Generally Iceland experiences highs of 15°C (59°F) and lows of 9°C (48°F) in July. It is critical that you are aware of driving laws and potential road... One of the country's most stunning waterfalls, Stand in the massive hoof print of Sleipnir. From the moment we booked the tour I was recommending Nordic Visitor to my family and friends! I know thats a long time to be in Iceland but we wanted a nice relaxed trip. If you have a week or more to spend in Iceland, drive around the Ring Road for a full loop of the country. In Akureyri the sunrise occurs at around 4 AM and sunset at 8:30 PM. If I’d tested positive, I’d have needed to quarantine for at least 14 days. U.S. citizens may be able to enter Iceland on July 1, 2020, but it has not been confirmed. Iceland in June with very few tourists due to the coronavirus pandemic. A … Drive or join a day tour of the Golden Circle route, including the, Visit the village of Vík to see the interesting rock formations of, Book With Confidence - flexible terms for selected 2021 deals, The Islands of Fire & Ice - Iceland and Greenland, Highlights of Westfjords, North & West Iceland, Best of Scandinavia - Norway Cruise and Iceland, Iceland and Greenland combination packages, ultimate guide to the best times to visit, the best times and places to see the northern lights in Iceland, multi-day guided tour packages to Iceland, best Iceland tours to add to your itinerary, privately guided tour packages to Iceland, best things to do in Iceland on your private tour, Roam the countryside on an Icelandic horse, Not sure what to do on your July tour? PM: Tourism plays an important role for Iceland and everyone I met was welcoming and excited to see tourists coming back. The pre-registration for visiting Iceland. 110 Reykjavík Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The procedure was very efficient and smooth. Late in the evening, about 6 hours afterwards, I received a text message that my results were negative. Nordic Visitor made it so easy for my husband and I to travel to Iceland and have a wonderful time! There are also some fantastic festivals you can attend. As a local travel agency, Nordic Visitor knows how to make the most of your time in Iceland. In general ALL guides were absolutely excellent, humorous and informative; notably those for the Glacier Lake, Lava Tunnel , ATV bikes, Helicopter. Icelanders have a saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. Privately guided tours A multi-day tour of Iceland is a great way to combine solo travel with guided excursions. Take a look at the, Find out more about Iceland’s climate with this, Short-sleeved shirts and lightweight layers, Waterproof and windproof jacket or shell layers, Find out more about visiting Iceland earlier, in, Like combining culture with nature? Some of our favourites are the National Day celebrated all around Iceland (17 June), The Great Fish Day in Dalvík (August), Bræðslan music festival in East Iceland (July), Bank Holiday weekend in … Booking with Nordic Visitor made our trip stress free and hassle free! I have a Masters in journalism from UC Berkeley and a film degree from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. These allow you to go to quieter and more remote areas to (hopefully) enjoy the spectacle. Hi, I’m going to Iceland in early June or July. Therefore it’s been very important to me to show people on my social media accounts and on my blog not only nice pictures from Iceland, but also to explain in detail the risks involved in traveling at the moment as well as the safety guidelines when traveling in Iceland. PRETTY! Thank you so much. Attention by Hanna was excellent. As well as the southern and western regions, you can explore the east and north of Iceland too. Summer in Iceland: Summer in Iceland is in June, July and August and these months are relatively warm. The easiest remedy to this is if you’re intending to visit Iceland on a budget, to simply abstain from drinking. Even though July is a summer month, at all times of year, we recommend bringing warm and cooler layers to be ready for the different temperatures. Though sunset is a bit earlier … With long days and many cultural events taking place, July is a popular month to visit Iceland. You could visit the popular South Coast or travel around the Iceland Ring Road for an in-depth tour. Besides that, the flight experience was very normal. Definitely! PM: As much as I love traveling, I’d never pretend that the pandemic is over and traveling is back to normal. Therefore, there’s no clear answer from my side, since the situation depends highly on your home country and the country you consider visiting.

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