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All parts of Wowgo skateboard can be replaced. Oakley Flight Deck Goggles $210.00. Tensor Alloys Skateboard Trucks raw (5.25) $22.95 Compare. Riser pads are to lift your truck a little higher. You can go for an old school deck if you still want to ollie curbs or a mini cruiser if you want a comfortable ride while still having a portable board. Most of the time you get free grip tape and often shops apply it for you. Same day pickup* Show store list. 1/4″ riser pads require 1 1/8″ bolts. Make sure you pick some softer and bigger wheels. Free Standard Shipping and No Tax to 68 Countries. Warehouse Skateboards offers a large selection of skateboard goods. It’s either highs or lows. On the pages in this category, you will find skateboard parts and skateboard hardware such as skateboard wheels, grip tape, trucks, and bearings that you … Make sure your skateboard trucks match the width of your deck. Not all decks are shaped the same. I ride my trucks very tight and have 60mm Oj’s for cruising and currently 56mm Bones for the mini ramp. Skateboard hardware (set of eight bolts and nuts). In case you forget just go to your local hardware store, they should have them laying around. Best bearings which are still somewhat affordable, they can last you a decade if you properly maintain them. If there’s a lot of division, it’s personal preference. They produce all kinds of shapes. You’ll need a low or medium concave when you skate bowls, verts, and mini ramps. You can spot Spitfires from a mile away. Shop Decks. This post is about regular skateboards so keep reading. Cruising and tricks anything between 56mm and 60mm. Skateboard bearings are used to mount the skateboard wheels to the skateboard axle. Bearings have a standard size and will fit all wheels. Again you can always save money on wheels or get a blank deck instead. While grip tape is most often found in black, it is available in clear to allow you to show off a company logo, or die-cut to display a design and/or color of your skateboard deck. I own one myself and it really is a great starter skateboard. Skateboard wheels are most commonly made of polyurethane. Take a look at our insane amount of skateboard wheels currently in stock. Picking skateboard parts really isn’t that hard as long as you pick components that match. Also, pick the right length bolts. If you plan to assemble it yourself you might also save a few bucks. They help to prevent cracks in the trucks mounting area and offer a more comfortable ride. For street skating, it … If you’re a parent and want to buy a skateboard for your kid read this. Please fill out our simple contact form. Cruising around? Bones has the best affordable bearing. Finally have the time to fix up and polish that vintage board that's been sitting in … Meaning you’ll able to maintain more balance. They provide more stability which you’ll need when skating transition. When selecting skateboard trucks, the width of your truck axle should closely match the width of your skateboard deck. Here’s a table to compare sizes, the axle size is always mentioned in the description when you shop online. You might need a little help! There are a couple of complete skateboards I recommend. Thunder also produces the lowest trucks which keep your center of gravity lower. 7.5" to 8" - Standard board for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks A bigger nose helps you perform more technical tricks. They also are the heaviest but that doesn’t really matter. Wheels between 50mm and 53mm for street and 54mm to 56mm for skateparks. You can’t go wrong with bones these wheels are just superb. Right up there with Bones, when it comes to quality and durability. If you still have questions about skateboard wheels, please visit our Skateboard Wheels Buying Guide. Bigger wheels from let’s say 55mm and above are great for mini ramps, verts, and bowls but not so much for street skating. 56mm and up sometimes require riser pads depending on the tightness of your trucks and the hardness of your bushings. My name is Ruben and I've been skating since I was a kid. Narrow decks are great for street skating and technical tricks, wider decks for bowls, mini ramp, and vert skating. It will help you to assemble your own skateboard. In general, a narrow deck flips better and wider decks provide more stability. The total cost is about 150 bucks give or take, you might get it cheaper if you get your parts from different places. 4. Cruising and tricks anything between 88A and 95A. Learning all the separate skateboard parts is easy. Our goal is to provide you with great customer service and information to make an informed skate purchase. Independent Stage 11, 169mm standard trucks. These are pro wheels. Skateboard Trucks. Electric Skateboard Battery Pack. Due to these factors, an ABEC 3 classified bearing could perform better than an ABEC 7 bearing. I own Ricta Clouds with durometer 92a and a diameter of 56mm. Completes are always cheaper and usually fine for beginners. Shock pads are a bit different, they’re a few millimeters tall and made of rubber. You can get the cheap beginners’ skateboard setups for about 70 bucks. Fresh grip tape will wear your shoes down faster so make sure you have some proper suede skate shoes. In general, a mid-sized truck works well for most skateboarders, but high or low trucks may be preferred for different styles of skating. The harder the wheel the more uncomfortable you ride on rough surfaces. Some are wider and provide more grip and others have a more narrow profile to increase responsiveness and speed. See our huge selection of complete skateboards in stock. Ride them for a while and save up for something better. There are many different types of protective gear available, make sure it fits properly. At least get a helmet and knee pads, a helmet can save your life and pads will prevent you from having to take a break because of busted knees. I’ll mention a couple of brands that you should go for when you’re picking your wheels. 1" to 1 1/8" hardware - 1/8" riser Again you can save money on the deck and wheels but I would advise keeping the trucks. 6 locations near Redmond . Their urethane mix has advanced over the years and they found a way to make their wheels very durable. They offer decent affordable setups. All parts and accessories for electric skateboards. The bigger the wheel to more speed. Street and technical skateboarding require wheels with a durometer between 96A and 99A though some prefer 100A+. Cheaper bearings are typically made of lower quality materials, which can get deformed or break completely under the pressure of skateboarding. Here are some general guidelines. You often read that your shoe size matters but this is nonsense. If you ordered a skateboard online or purchased parts and need to assemble the board, you can easily do so with a few tools. The total cost depends on where you buy the parts. Bushings need some time to what skateboarders call “breaking-in”. Another method is to sand the grip down a little. Free shipping everyday. Mr. Pen- Grip Tape, 10" x 36", Skateboard Grip Tape, Non Slip Tape, Scooter Grips, Longboard Gri… Vert and bowls go for anything between 56mm and 60mm. The smaller the number, the smaller the wheel. On cheaper skateboards they will often use 3 plys of wood and a cheaper glue holding them together.

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