can registered nurses prescribe medication in ontario

RNAO supports independent RN prescribing as the best model to implement this expanded scope of RNs. Registered nurses are there to give the patient the attention and care they need to recover and get back to a healthy state again. Independent prescribers are allowed to prescribe any medication that is within their clinical competency area, with the exception of controlled drugs and substances. TTY 1-800-387-5559 RNAO recommends including further clarification that the education may be either independent or part of the education and training required to become an RN. The answer is a resounding YES! Before being able to prescribe controlled drugs and substances, nurse practitioners will be required to complete additional education, and new oversight measures are being put in place by the College of Nurses of Ontario. Indicate on the public Find-a-Nurse register that an RN has met CNO’s requirements to prescribe medication by including the notation the nurse is “authorized to prescribe”. In terms of medication, nurses will be allowed to prescribe birth control pills and prescriptions to treat STDs. CNO requested feedback on the terminology appropriate to communicate on the Find-a-Nurse register that an RN has met the College’s requirements to prescribe medication. a) Specifying under regulation 17. I have a friend who did a stint in Attawapiskat, Ontario and she said there was a big binder that they could use to help make clinical decisions and treat appropriately, like prescribe and dispense the appropriate antibiotics for a minor infection. (1) that an RN in the General class is authorized to prescribe any medication for the treatment of non-complex health conditions within their clinical competency area, with the exception of controlled drugs and substances. With a high level of training and clinical knowledge, nurse practitioners can assess patients, order and interpret tests, and start treatment plans. Ontario currently has about 3,100 nurse practitioners. - Doris Grinspun, Chief Executive Officer of the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO), "On behalf of more than 3000 Nurse Practitioners and the millions of Ontarians they serve, NPAO is thrilled with this announcement. Hoffman says nurse practitioners, who can already prescribe drugs, will now also be able to … An evaluation in 2005 found the use of limited lists of drugs was restricting the benefit of RN prescribing to patients and to health system efficiency. The degree of independence with which they can prescribe drugs, medical devices (crutches, boots, etc.) Registered nurses and midwives with an endorsement that permits them to prescribe should be paid an allowance in addition to any other payment or allowance. Skip to content RNAO has called for an expanded RN scope of practice for many years – inclusive of independent RN prescribing – and supports regulation changes to enable independent RN prescribing. The restrictive approach of CNO limits the potential of RN prescribing to increase timely access to care to Ontarians. As an independent prescriber, an RN would be fully responsible for the assessment of a patient’s needs and prescription of medications. Advance copy circulated March 2015, practice standard in effect May 5, 2015 … Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses … 1 Medications requiring a prescription can be found in the Health Canada Drug Product Database. Nurse practitioners provide a range of health care services to patients, families and communities in Ontario. Recommendation 2. Ontarians will now experience improved access to health services." In its submission to the NMBA, the RACGP recognised the valuable role nurses play as part of a GP-led team. CNO include an additional clause under 17. RNAO calls for the necessary legislation to be amended to allow RNs to order and where appropriate perform diagnostic testing, inclusive of laboratory testing and point-of-care testing. testosterone). Providing nurse practitioners with the authority to prescribe controlled drugs and substances is another step in this direction, and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to support nursing roles and the nursing sector." This includes palliative care and medical assistance in dying for those who wish it and are eligible. RNs are proficient in interpreting and applying evidence in their practice, and will approach independent prescribing in the same manner. CNO provides RNs with practice supports, including standards for Decisions About Procedures and Authority and Medication. In Ontario, RNs are autonomous health professionals who practise independently and collaboratively within interprofessional teams. All registered nurse prescribers are expected to keep up to date with changes to medicines. RNAO urges CNO to enable independent RN prescribing by specifying in the regulations that RNs are authorized to prescribe any medication for the treatment of non-complex health conditions within their clinical competency area, with the exception of controlled drugs and substances.

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