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Now it’s time to me to try then Always using your roll-ons but getting excited / nervous to try by myself. For the scalp, I would go with a 1% dilution which would be 9 drops of essential oil in 1oz of carrier. Some I have say to avoid skin exposure. Hello Im making a rose infused oil for the face it’s going to make a little over 6 oz I’m using grape seed and sweet almond oil as my carrier how many frankincense EO should I put in it??? NOW is committed to offering the purest and most potent essential oils available. Please keep in mind that “drops” are not an exact measurement since the drops depend on the size of the orifice reducer and the viscosity of the oil. I’m so happy to see this information here, plainly written for all to see! When I’m using EOs in a recipe that has other ingredients, like witch hazel or rose water, as well as a carrier oil, how would I dilute it? Thanks for this. It comes in handy . Thank you for sharing this information. I just forwarded this to a friend who told me that she was taught by a MLM seller of essential oils to put one drop of Peppermint essential oil under her tongue every morning or everytime she needs to stay alert!! You can find a full list of our pregnancy and nursing safe oils here. This is a very helpful post. After application, be aware of adverse reactions for the first 24 hours. 105 drops in 4 oz of carrier is about a 3% dilution, which is safe for short term use on smaller areas. Thanks saying this sight to my fav lol. And you are correct, not all essential oils are equal. You can try equal parts or adjust based on your skincare needs. Is this concoction safe? Hi Nancy, please reach out to our team of aromatherapists at [email protected] and they will help you make sure you’re using a safe dilution. I have seen different dilution charts out there. I don’t have fractionated carrier oil so I plan on making a cream instead. Applying essential oils directly to your skin without proper dilution increases the risk of adverse reactions significantly. Hi. Children have thin, porous skin that readily absorbs anything topically applied. Thanks for this information! Saved and keeping on hand. Thank you for sharing this information! Using an essential oil directly out of the bottle, without diluting it first, can quickly become a one-way ticket to sensitized, irritated skin, or worse. That’s exactly it! Laura, for a 3% dilution in 4 oz, we recommend a total of 108 drops of Sniffle Stopper. See more on essential oil safety. Since oil and water doesn’t mix, you would base the dilution off of just the carrier oil because of this. Thanks Kimberly! This is a great post with tons of helpful information. This rate is recommended for specific localized discomfort. So, to make sure I understand, if I want to make a blend for my face in a 10ml roller, I should add three drops of EO and then top off with carrier? What’s a safe dilution/drops of sniffle stopper to use for kids ages 5-7? I see so many people with affiliations to mlms providing and recommending unsafe dilutions and practises. Once I feel a little more comfortable with their use, I will definitely be referencing this page. My teachers (and I) are separating from the company we’ve been with for many years for personal reasons and so now I am researching other companies. If you are unable to add more carrier oil, round down to get a whole number for you essential oil drops. It’s a must have for roller bottle making . Hi, I am interested in trying a 3% dilution with 9 drops of essential oils to include rosemary, lavender, and clary sage in two tsp of grapeseed oil. Pris, I’d hate to recommend throwing anything out! I’m a Plant Therapy fan for life. I love the infographics and all of the information contained in the blog. Safety and essential oil dilution are inextricably connected to one another. Even after almost 2 years if using it, I still tend to get confused. Wow, this is great information! I have been trying to get more and more into the EO world and your site is super helpful. Right? Thank you so much for all of the information here. If you still want to use an undiluted essential oil topically, please get advice from a Certified Aromatherapist first. When using essential oils with children, there are more precautions to consider. Also, if oils are applied to a large area, such as body lotion, does this alter the safety ratio recommended? Thank you Kiana. Thank you for sharing this information with your friends to learn from as well , Good information. Thank-you for this information on diluting. But, just out of interest, should I make all the tools and containers (using during dilute processing) supposed to sterilised ? You might try a 1-2% dilution (9-18 drops) for regular, daily use. Is the same true for diluted oils? The charts are especially helpful! I hope this helps! Our Blog is an excellent source of information and recipes and we hope it helps you all along your oil journey . If it is 6 drops total doesn’t that make the percentage of each individual oil less than 1%? Would it be better to do a 1% or 2% dilution? This information is SUPER helpful! Ada, if you are making a blend of essential oils, the entire blend should have a dilution percentage around 2 or 3%, ideally (but of course this depends on what you designing your blend for). However, if there aren’t any instructions on the bottle, you can always use this very easy-to-follow dilution guide. Hope this helps! Thanks! Stick to 1% dilution – the skin on your face is more sensitive and you should use a lower dilution. This means 1 tsp of carrier oil or 6 drops per ounce of carrier oil. This is the safe and recommended dilution rate for adults and skin care. Thank you so much for this. I want to use this to improve thinning hair on my scalp. Check out our Skin Care Oils for All Types of Skin Chart and our Essential Oil Dilution Chart and Calculator. For spot usage, you can use 3-9 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier. Dilution is such an important factor when using Essential Oils. I was thinking of making an undereye roller. A sudden burn after touching a hot pan or a stinging bug bite are both examples of acute, short-term issues where using an oil neat may be beneficial. And if you already have Argan oil, it’s worth using what you have. I bought tiny bottles to mix my blends before adding to carrier oils. I love all that I am learning about EO, and that you give handy little guides to help. Nora, this is an excellent question! I’m so happy that PT promotes safe dilution rate. I love the idea of copying it on a index card so it’s always readily available , Carrier oils and dilution is such a vital part of the essential oil usage that I’m glad that PT is committed to blogging on this great topic. I’m new to oils, so I’m learning every day! For use with children, you can see guidelines … Any advice would be helpful. If there are 20 drops in 1 ml, there would be 200 drops in 10 ml. Please enter the size of your bottle in mL: NOW® essential oils should never be ingested. When using essential oils to improve skin health, use a 1% dilution. Thank you PT for the excellent conversion charts and explanation. Very informative. Is that a safe dilution? For instance, if you did 3 tsp of carrier oil, a 0.5% dilution would be 2 drops, allowing you to do an easy one drop of each Peppermint and Rosemary I hope this helps! Much of diffusion depends on the size of our room, the purpose of the blend, and scent of the oils you’re using. Hi, I am new to your site and have many questions. Used to purchase from MLM company, and they didn’t provide much education. No more guess work. Reply STOP to cancel. You can find a hand dilution chart here. Second. – Ask Nurse Mary, How to Dilute Essential Oils with Coconut Oil in 4 Simple Steps - The Public Goods Blog,, 10 Natural Skin Care Tips | Free of colors & preservatives,,,, Can’t wait fot the oils to arrive in Romania. This has been so helpful! This rate is recommended for children over the age of 2, facial applications, long term use, daily use, and accessing the subtle energetic effects of the oil. If you were to use 36 drops of each oil, you’d end up with a 3% dilution. Thanks again. How many drops should i add? Can I use that or should I go ahead and buy the fractionated coconut oil? I would be happy to pass your suggestion along though . Do not use undiluted essential oils on your skin. This can be through direct application to the skin or when skin will be exposed to an essential oil, for example in a bath or when making a product such as a DIY perfume or lotion. This is the same question someone else asked but they didn’t get a response… is the dilution guide for each essential oil added or for the total drops of essential oil added regardless of variety? Since 1/4 cup equals 4 tablespoons, add that to the 2 tablespoons of Almond Oil for a total of 6 tablespoons. Thanks so much!!! I am looking for a company that will help my practice grow as well as being ethical and willing to train accordingly. That’ would be a gospel for all users! Very handy to print out and store with my oils. Please select the Unit of Measurement of your bottle: Lindsay, here is a great download page that helps give you a better idea of the differences between the carrier oils: Thank you for your patience as we respond to higher demand, resulting in some out-of-stocks. Thank you for the charts! Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), you can use essential oils sparingly with full-term infants, New Survey Reveals Dangers of Not Diluting Essential Oils, Bath Safety: How to Use Essential Oils in the Bath, Add Essential Oils to Your Skin Care Routine, 6 Ways to Improve Digestion Using Peppermint Essential Oil - NutriRise, How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil to Relieve Nausea Symptoms - NutriRise, What YOU Need to Know About Diluting Essential Oils so you will Never Burn or Injure Yourself With Them! Get started today with our dilution calculator and the topical application guidelines below. I like that both kid an adult information is all in one place! Also can i add more drops of lavender oil? Hello, I’m fairly new to this and am so anxious to begin coming up with my own blends instead of always having to look up recipes on the site. For something like a 10% or 12% dilution, you should absolutely advise to not use more than 2-3 days at a time or dilute it further so it is closer to 2-5%. From the chart on the site i would use 27 drops of EO correct? I’m making a menstrual cramp oil for myself and my family/friends. A good rule of thumb is to use one drop of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil for a 1% dilution. Oils are so powerful and require carefulness to use them in a safe way. This is a great question! 27 drops in an ounce would be 3% dilution, which is fine for short term or localized use. A 3% dilution would be 13 total drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil or lotion. For spot usage, you can use 9-27 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce carrier. That would be six drops total in your roll-on. How you dilute depends a lot on what you are trying to make. However, in many cases, it is usually alright to use a dilution of 1-2% of essential oil for frequent use and 4-5% for short-term/acute situations. Thank you in advance. I ordered the dilution rate magnet and will also be printing one out to keep handy. I’m new to PT and I’m loving the learning curve it is taking me on. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Mada! 3 drops to 10 mL would make a 1% dilution, which is perfect for the face . Here are a few key specific oils that have special dilution needs.To avoid the risk of skin allergy:Clove bud oil should be used at no more than 0.5%Holy Basil oil can be used at up to 1%To avoid the risk of phototoxicity:Lemon oil should be used at no more than 2%Grapefruit oil … Thank you for posting this and explaining when each dilution rate is important! Thanks. I even tried going the 3,2,1 route with Top, Middle, and Base notes. Applying undiluted essential oils to your skin can easily cause short term or long term adverse reactions, and there is no good reason to take the risk. I will be referring back to this one OFTEN! I love this post. We’re so happy you’re part of our PT family, Teresa! Skin reactions are totally dilution-dependent, and safety guidelines exist to minimize the risk.”. Great information…not only for newbies but as a reminder for all. After several months if there is no issue, I’d want to try 13 drops of the same oil mixture in one tbsp of grapeseed oil. Hi Jan, we have a comprehensive dilution chart that you can use for larger calculations like that. This chart will help a lot. The purpose of the carrier oil is to dilute the other essential oils in the recipe so that they don’t irritate your skin. You can remove, then re-apply more carrier as needed. If you ever need any assistance with us, you can always contact Customer Service . You’re welcome Jen! It has 105 drops to be topped up with FCO in a 120ml (4oz) bottle. So this helps a lot. So many other oil companies don’t, they just care about sale. Great post! Children have thin, porous skin that readily absorbs anything topically applied. There's almost never a time when you would not want to dilute the potency of an essential oil before applying to the skin. First, I was trained to NEVER dilute oils, but instead to know which oils can cause photosensitivity, or burn the skin along with any other deleterious effects -same goes for ingestion. 3-9 drops for 10ml bottle for a 3 month old. Our maximum recommendation is all the way up to 5%, which would be 180 drops. For massages oils and other leave-on body products, we recommend a 2% dilution, and for other rinse-off bath and body products, we recommend 3%. I want to mix 2 carrier (grapeseed and jojoba oil) with 1 EO (rosehip oil). Finally, ordered my 1st set yesterday. Although since most of my containers are in ml I do prefer measurements in that rather than oz . Thank you thank you for the dilution charts! Using 17 drops of EO to one ounce of carrier will make about a 2% dilution, which is safe to use topically for hair restoration . I love rollerball application and knowing exactly how much to use based on which oil is very helpful. So my question is, is dilution for the face the same as dilution for the undereye area? If I wanted to add another butter, how do I figure it out then? Thank you for sharing great reliable info! Thank you. If you feel more comfortable with only using premade recipes, reach out to our aromatherapists at [email protected] and I’m sure they can help you out . I saved them both to my Pinterest. Should I be doing this??? If your trying to get 1% in a 10 ml roll on is that 6 drops of each oil or 6 total? I copied the chart onto an index card and taped into my box of oils for a quick reference…which I’ve already used multiple times this week. Great post! Thanks for having this posted. Thanks for such a comprehensive article! This may be a silly question, or please direct me to the location of this information: what does one use for the dilution? Is there a way you can add more carrier oil? Or, you could make a larger batch and do an ounce of carrier or lotion with a total of 27 drops. So I’m trying to understand dilution and what it means. Rachel, if you are planning to add EOs to a plastic bottle, I would recommend ones that are PET plastic. Having said this though, it is always recommended to use the smallest effective amount of an essential oil, especially when using oils … First some background; I am a certified aromatherapist through another company that is not a MLM company, but had master distributors/teachers and people who were trained were able to purchase oils from our teachers at a discount from the “rack rate.” FYI pertaining to my next questions and comments, I’m aware that my training differs from every other companies’ I’ve ever heard of. Hello, I’m new to using EO but i’m jumping in and wanting to blend my own for my personal/family use. What great information, I’m saving these charts to my smartphone for quick reference . A dilution like that would be OK for short-term, acute use for a specific issue, but not daily. Would it be best for me to throw these out, or may I continue to use them? very helpful post because i always dilute for the kidsafe and will dilute the essential oil with correctly. I feel more comfortable in making blends as a result of having a chart like this. This is just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for taking the guess work out of dilution. So now we will have separate roll-ons. The dilution charts are extremely helpful! ), Thanks for the post! And Grapeseed and Jojoba would make a great combination. If i want to dilute EO into say 100ml of liquid soap, how much EO should i put? I started with a dilution of 12% and it seems effective without skin irritation. The charts are fantastic! For children 6 to 15 years, pregnant or … We are so glad you are enjoying the information we love to share with customers . I was also taught never to blend oils but to layer them instead. Hi Ebony, when it comes to something like this, we actually recommend a 2-3% dilution, maybe up to a 5% dilution, keeping in mind the individual dilution rates for the oils you’re using. Recipe calls for: 15 drops lavender, 10 drops vetiver, 5 drops Frankincense, 5 drops ylang ylang and 5 drops of wild orange, combined in 10ml roller and top off with fractionated coconut oil? Dilute clove oil in an unscented product, such as a lotion or facial cream. So helpful when making products. In order to get the dilution correct, you will need to add up all of the carriers you are using for your recipe first, then determine how many drops would be appropriate. But I have a question. Very informative!! Dichhya, yes you absolutely can use Lavender and Tea Tree on the body! Diluting Essential Oils Safely – safe dilution guidelines for all ages Concentrated substances are rarely intended for use “as is” – and essential oils are no different. Hello dear, pls, can a pregnant lady use the anti age blend that has been dilluted in a carrier oil by the 1% ratio on her face? Instead, we recommend that for the undereye area, only carrier oils or infused carrier oils are used. I am fairly new to EO’s I have been trying to make roller blends with 10mls and 2mls rollers. **The advice shared is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease nor is it intended to replace proper medical advice. Thanks so much for such a detailed blog. Thankyou Planet Therapy. I have 3-4 Essential oils that i want to add in a 500ml coconut carrier oil but i don’t know have much essential oils to put in could someone give me some advice thanks. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sorry i didn’t get it . And how often? Great information!! Please keep in mind that “drops” are not an exact measurement since the drops depend on the size of the orifice reducer and the viscosity of the oil. As someone who uses essential oils for a little and myself, thus is not only extremely helpful, but also a great guide to share with others. If I want to use some Skin Restore (for example) after a shower, honestly, I’m going to pour about a teaspoon worth of a carrier oil in the palm of my hand, then add my Skin Restore directly to that (since it has a 3% dilution, I would use about 3 or 4 drops), rub it in my hands together, then rub it where I want on my skin. Examples of “neat” essential oils are frankincense, lavender, melaleuca, melissa, and sandalwood. You can read our cookie policy here. A 1-2% dilution is low enough to apply as needed throughout the day. When it comes to essential oils, the saying “I’d rather be safe than sorry” should be taken seriously. Thanks for this post! Does anyone have recommendations for which carrier oil they prefer? 1% in a 10ml roller bottle would need 3 drops of EO. even though the math is simple I tend to make simple mistakes lol! A small dilution of essential oils shouldn’t add enough volume to cause the mixture not to fit. I will be sure to pass your suggestion along. There isn’t (although that’s something we’ll look into creating). I love learning more about how oils used correctly are a great addition to any wellness routine. According to the info in this article, facial applications should be diluted at 1%. Consent is not a condition of the purchase of goods or services. It’s super helpful. Hoping to enjoy my oily journey. I’m bookmarking this blog post. I love that you focus so much on safety, especially with the kiddos! Plant Therapy aligns its dilution rate to the Tisserand Institute’s recommendations. Is this appropriate? I am so excited to receive my orders. The Plant Therapy website uses cookies for a variety of reasons. I apologize since I am new to using essential oils so this may seem like a silly question, but is there a similar chart or information on how many drops of essential oil to use when you are using a diffuser? Dilution can be a bit tricky at first. I especially appreciate the chart and clear explanations of teapoons, tablespoons, and oz per number of drops. Yes, body butters can be great carriers for essential oils. A sudden burn after touching a hot pan or a stinging bug bite are both examples of acute, short-term issues where using an oil neat may be beneficial. Great question! I discovered you one month ago and already placed two orders. As a hair restoration topical, I’ve been given a recommendation of an EO mix totaling 17 drops. Laura, the dilution recommendations are for *total* drops added for all oils in your blend. One question:may I know how many ml there are in one teaspoon and one tablespoon? Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender plants and is commonly used in a variety of heath and beauty products. I wonder if PT can one day create an online dilution calculator for all sorts of purpose? Hey there! We would recommend a lower dilution for the scalp and also for situations where you’re going to be using an oil for an extended period of time. For full-body applications, a 1% dilution should be used. 1% dilution with 30 ml carrier oil uses 9 drops essential oils. The only other thing you have to keep in mind is any specific dilution requirements for certain oils (like Cinnamon). This Dilution Chart is a must have if you are using EOs topically. This reduction in volatility means that more of the essential oil’s therapeutic properties are able to absorb into your skin, it can be spread over a larger area, and you will use less essential oil overall. Using an essential oil directly out of the bottle, without diluting it first, can quickly become a one-way ticket to sensitized, irritated skin, or worse. Thank you Plant Therapy for all that you do. Great information about dilution. These oils are considered mild and generally do not induce skin sensitivity. Your charts are wonderful as well. Dilute. For massages oils and other leave-on body products, we recommend a 2% dilution, and for other rinse-off bath and body products, we recommend 3… So, a little math is involved here and possibly some measurement conversion. It’s very useful information and something that is referenced often in the world of Oils You are correct with your spot treatment dilution. Essential oils are volatile, meaning they easily evaporate at normal temperatures. If I want to add like 3 different EO, that means that I have to use 36 drops of each EO into 120 mL of the carrier oil, 108 drops of EO in total? Hi thank you for the info, it really helps. Thank you! I’m making a 10ml roller bottle of oregano, cinnamon bark, and clove bud EOs to be used for Lyme disease. These values are approximate and have been rounded to whole drops. Now I don’t have to guess at dilution rates. Would I base the dilution off of the amount of carrier oil used within the recipe, or how much the recipe makes all together? Thank you so much for this blog post! We’re happy to provide this kind of information to help ensure our customers are using oils safely. I’ve been using it as a carrier for creepy skin serum. Reply HELP for help. Please note that we always urge safe, conservative use of essential oils so that you can continue to reap the benefits of these wonderful tools without creating additional problems. For example, if I want to get a one percent dilution in 10ml,how many drops do I have to put in the carrier oil? I have a few bottles of argan oil at home. Thank you!!! 6-18 drops of essential oil + 1 ounce of water = 1-3% dilution; 2. Thank you for all of this wonderful information. Before OT I had been using essential oils for many years and sometimes not safely. And if castor oil isn’t doing the trick for you, you might try one of our carrier oil blends like Younger Glo. Thank you! this is great information, especially for those starting out with EO’s. Here is a Carrier Oil Chart to help you better pick a carrier that will work best for you: I ask that because if I’m using them in combination with an actual carrier oil, how do I know how much of a dilution i’m using? When applying a new essential oil to the skin a skin patch test can be helpful. Unfortunately the MLM companies are constantly telling people to use most of their oils “Neat”. Always start small with the number of essential oil drops and increase to the dilution ratio as desired. For children ages 2-6 years, we recommend a general dilution of 1%-2%. This information is very useful as I have been using my oils I’m roller balls. There are some specific situations where using oils neat may be appropriate, however, err on the side of caution. Thanks! In order to be used safely, they should be diluted in another safe substance, like water, a skin care oil or an unscented … Thank you! Please I’m new to Essential oils and carrier oils usage soI like to know how long a diluted essential oil can last. We do not recommend essential oils be used topically on premature infants, but you can use essential oils sparingly with full-term infants. It’s something that we take very seriously at Plant Therapy and is such an important part of using essential oils. If the EOs get into your eyes it can be incredibly painful and may lead to short or long term damage. What percentage is that? Hi Richelle, if you’re looking to make a facial serum, we recommend a 1% dilution for your essential oils. Does waxes and butters count as carriers also when calculating dilution rates? Your site is an universe. If this is the case, receive professional guidance on safe usage. Sheri, thank you for passing along our Dilution Safety information to your customers! Hi! Are they referring to avoiding skin contact WITHOUT a carrier? Thanks for my dilution chart that I keep on my fridge. If that makes sense. You could also make your blend first, keep track of the amount of all the oils you have included, then add enough carrier oil to get the end dilution you are looking for. Not only can some essential oils irritate the skin, but you will increase your risk for sensitization. Fractionated Coconut Oil is a popular choice because it’s so versatile, odorless and has a lighter viscosity. Thank you for this post! I love how PT makes sure everyone is as safe as possible when it comes to using essential oils! We’ll cover how many … That is a fantastic idea, Tina! I am trying to make roller ball with Tea Tree for my daughter’s acne and this made it simple to figure out the right dilution. I’m happy to have good articles to refer my friends to, so they can learn as well! We are are a brand new retail store opening in Oklahoma. Also, yes, if you stick with the total number of drops for a certain percentage, each oil would be less than 1%. With a toxicologist on staff and strict quality standards and testing methods in place, we strive to offer the highest quality essential oils. My largest concern here would be the Lemon, as that’s a phototoxic oil and shouldn’t be diluted to higher than 2% for some serious safety concerns. Thank you for this post. Essential oils are a great compliment to health but need to be treated with respect for the potent gift they are! This information was incredibly helpful! Safety 1st Essential Oil Dilution Guide: It’s is best to start with the lowest dilution rate possible when applying an essential oil for the first time, you can always increase the percentage up to 5% over time.

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