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Golf Pride aims to find out with the release of its new Concept Helix grip installation system that eliminates the need for tape, solvents or specialized equipment like a workbench vice. In simpler terms, if you can touch and hold your cart motor for 5 secs without burning your fingers then there […], Why does my Club car golf cart jerk when accelerating? Yes, you can regrip your golf clubs without a tape by using an air compressor. When replacing golf grips with traditional grip tape that deactivates with the application of golf solvent, many other volatile liquids will work as well. You know the old saying if it squeaks or doesn't move and needs to use WS40, for everything else use duct tape. Strong quality adhesive material. Need to replace the grip on your golf clubs? There are certain grips that have or are currently available with reduced taper. – Driver Head, Shaft (Steps), How to Paint Golf Clubs (Complete Steps) + Best Paint to Use, EZGO Crank Seal Replacement/Crankcase Ventilation (Guide), How To Fix a Yamaha Golf Cart Leaking Oil (STEPS). How hot should a Yamaha golf cart motor get? If the temperature exceeds 250ºF this indicates a serious problem. Golf Pride aims to find out with the release of its new Concept Helix grip installation system that eliminates the need for tape, solvents or specialized equipment like a workbench vice. It has a fast-drying action. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Mueller. Although this is not as economical as the other mentioned solvents, WD-40 is all-purpose cleaner/lubricant which often used with tape. They stand by their claim that their grips can be installed or refitted without using a tape. Fit the club firmly in position in the vice. Wedge Guys Golf Grip Kits for Regripping Golf Clubs - Professional Quality - Options Include Hook Blade, 15 or 30 Grip Tape Strips, 5 or 8 oz Grip Solvent & Rubber Vise Clamp. Mineral spirits, denatured alcohol, acetone, nail polish remover or charcoal lighter fluid, all provide adequate deactivation of grip tape to install new grips. I have been enjoying golf for 15 years and love sharing my tips and knowledge of the game with everyone. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation with Forbes Insights. If you’re going to do the regripping during the day, remember to let the golf club stay for a minimum of 12 hours. The "horn" device that comes with the Concept Helix system allows the grip to be easily slid onto ... [+] the shaft of a club. Favorite. Causes of jerky Electric golf carts: 1] Water-logging in some of the components of your electric golf cart can result in […], link to Why Yamaha Golf Cart Motor/Engine is Too Hot (Overheating), link to How to Fix a Jerky Club Car Golf Cart, Regripping Golf Clubs Without Double-sided Tape, Substitutes for Regripping Without Grip Solvents, (How to Regrip Golf Clubs) Tape, Air Compressor, Dry Time, Stop Your Golf Clubs Rattling! The webmaster of and the author(s) is not responsible for any loss in damages, financial loss, personal injury, or death. Water Based Grip Tape Another alternative to golf grip solvent is to completely think outside the box and use water based grip tape. Materials you will need: If you’re using an air compressor for the first time, keep in mind that you’ll have to be prepared for a fair deal of trial and error. As more golfers realize the benefits of re-gripping – grips are, after all, the only part of the club a golfer touches with every swing – Golf Pride has sought new solutions to lower the barriers to having them replaced. If you’re looking for an alternative to regripping your golf clubs without tape, you can consider using hairspray for this purpose. Rubber cement takes a day to dry fully. You can slide the hook below the grip lip and cut through the grip right up to the point you want to grip. It’s all a matter of personal choice and convenience. I still live in the Northeast, where I’m doing my part to grow the game of golf with my three kids, and am always looking to find someone in the world of sports with a compelling story or positive message. However, if you must use it indoors, choose to do so in a room with good ventilation. They also differ in their drying time. On the other hand, if you don’t own one, buying one can be pricey and results in the installation process becoming quite expensive. If you don’t want to use tape on your putter grip, you can follow the same method of installing the grip on any golf club without a tape. Sun … Let the bar and the grip dry thoroughly. The Concept Helix grip has a unique texture pattern and comfortable feel that's similar to Golf ... [+] Pride's popular Tour Velvet grips. The next step for Golf Pride is getting the new Concept Helix in the hands of consumers for feedback while company continues the extensive R&D process at its facility in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Golf Grip Solvent - 5oz Bottle - Grip Tape … Try using a starter. Some golfers have found pump bottles to work better than spray cans. Will golfers be keen on an innovative DIY approach that simplifies the process of installing new grips for their clubs? You’ll find yourself having to adjust the PSI of the air compressor to see what is the best value. Carpet tape is a good alternative as well. However, it is suggested that you check out if this value works for you. Remove the old grip and fill the inside of the grip and the club’s tapered area with water so that the water acts on the tape. Grip solvents come in all price ranges. Proceed to regrip with tape and solvent. However, a few golfers still prefer to use tape on their grip. The drying time is slightly longer than when using water alone. A couple of quick bursts is often more than enough to do the trick. Get the best deals on Golf Grip Tapes when you shop the largest online selection at This is quite similar to a mineral spirit but has faster drying time because it tends to evaporate quickly. While some golfers retain the old tape, others prefer to replace the old tape with a new tape. “It makes grip installation much easier for the average golfer,” says Brandon Sowell, Golf Pride’s Global Sales and Marketing Director. That’s the big question, although no tape, no messy solvents and no vises will likely have an appeal for many club professionals tasked with re-gripping, not to mention the ease for golfers themselves. Alternatively, you can go in for packaging tapes too. Discover a premium selection of golf club grips at the lowest prices guaranteed. Easy … This is just half an inch of an ordinary tape that you can use at the butt end of the grip. Know a person or company like that? “In this case the new technology we’re introducing helps transform the grip from just a handle to actual performance gear, which benefits players, pros, and fitters alike. 5 Items . Golf club regripping solvents that yield satisfactory results: Water works best when used along with a water-soluble tape and not double-sided tape. After cleaning the shaft, you create the desired build-up with tape and then apply a layer of two-sided tape for the length of the grip. Set Descending Direction. The advantage of using an air compressor is the ease of use. You can take your pick from one of the various solvents listed below and fix your putter grip according to the method mentioned. Once the grip is attached to the club, the other side of the horn device is used to tighten it. Like commercial solvents, mineral spirits dissolve oil and grease, cutting through residue left behind by grip tape. Odorless products like NEXT Crown are ideal because it stinks less than other products I’ve tried. The shaft must be fixed in the vice near the grip tip. It is ideal to make use of a protective rubber vice clamp to do this. Regular Price $3.99 … Solvents are undoubtedly not half as expensive as a vice. This blade can be fit on to any utility knife. You may opt-out by. However, this method often works best for transparent putter grips. 4.8 out of 5 stars … “Concept Helix is simply our latest initiative in the area of installation, which we intend to continue to pursue well beyond this particular product.”. This avoids the cement from going inside the shaft. These grips are designed to do away with the need for any kind of tape. It is worth considering this factor when you use a solvent as it can help to determine how soon you can use your putter after installing its grip. Favorite. Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf. The GolfWorks Double-Sided Grip Tape – 2 inches x 36 yards. There are putter grip tapes that are specifically designed for this purpose. I'm fortunate enough to be immersed in golf as editorial director for the National Golf Foundation, the industry's leading provider of research (all the data that helps businesses in golf succeed). The process of replacing golf grips includes placing tape on the golf shaft, and then lubricating the tape with solvent in order to deactivate the tape's adhesive. Mineral spirits is readily available in any hardware store. Step 3: Choose how much and where to apply grip tape. “There’s not much resistance at all to new grip technologies by the industry – people are typically fairly open to trying new designs,” says Sowell. Here are 6 important topics to review before applying double-sided grip tape… If you don’t have easy access to a mineral spirit, you can opt for a solution of turpentine and kerosene. Paint Thinner / Mineral Spirits. You can also make a mixture of dishwashing detergent and water in the proportion 1:3 in a spray bottle and use the solution to slip the grip in place. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. However, to use an air compressor, you will need a vice. Naptha and KleenOne are two good brands worth giving a try. This is where solvents come to your rescue. The company first started talking about Concept Helix at the beginning of 2018 and, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Ready Grip Technologies in 2019, the vision became an innovative reality that would make founder Thomas Fawick proud. New Intertape 591 Premium Double-Sided Golf Grip Tape Is THE BEST Golf Grip Tape For Your Golf Shop One of the staples of any golf clubmaking, fitting and repair operation is golf grip tape unless … Read More: Why You Should Regrip With Tape. Use masking tape over the old grip and do a blowing action with an air gun. You can also try using grips from the manufacturer, PURE. Odyssey Jumbo Putter Grip. Paint thinner or Mineral Spirits are cheap alternatives to grip solvent … Some good choices for solvents are WD-40, rubber cement, or a charcoal lighter fluid. My name is Ernie Lo and I'm an avid golf fan! The clubface must be in the playing position and positioned in such a way that the face and the floor are perpendicular to each other. Using a air compressor the grip goes on well, and comes off well. Their Price: $8.99 Rock Bottom Price: $3.99. Double Sided Tape is the golf grip tape of choice. Mineral spirits, organic hydrocarbon solvents made from paraffin, are the most common grip solvent alternatives. Whether you are looking to customize your skateboard with a grip tape alternative or are simply having a difficult time finding replacement grip tape, you can use a number of available grip tape alternatives. per page. This kind of grip tape is a little more expensive, but … Investing in vice can prove to be an expensive deal. Let me tell you how you can use a hairspray to refit a loose grip. However, the advantage is that gasoline tends to evaporate faster. I’d love to hear about it. Once the grip gets loosened, it is normally very easy to remove it with your hand. I’ve listed some options below for you to try and see which works best for you. Once you’ve set up your air compressor, refitting the grip often takes far lesser time than you think. Brampton HF-100 Golf Grip Tape Solvent, Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable Spray . If it’s a tape, which is often the case, you can remove it with a simple peeling action. There is no need for a grip tape when using this solvent. If you’re opting for water, use a water-soluble tape for best results. They are also not as pricey as grip solvents. To place your hands on the handle using the Vardon Overlap, take the little finger on the … Rubber cement is available in art and craft stores. More often than not, you’re likely to have a solvent at home. It can be bought from any hardware store. Apply some hairspray on the grip using a spraying mechanism. I’ve played video games with NFL stars, golf in the shadow of the Great Wall in China and dug into the batter’s box at Yankee Stadium. The hairspray helps the grip to slide to the position. Golf Mechanix Metered Single Roll Tape … There is lots of advice about regripping golf clubs. As long as it’s convenient and functional, the game tends to embrace new tech quite readily.”. Fit the grip back in position with a sliding movement. How many layers of tape under your grips? It’s recommended that DIY golfers use the solvent outdoors. Apply a little solvent on top of the shaft and slide the grip in position. Show. When using volatile and flammable solvents, work in a well-ventilated are… This solution also eliminates the need for a water-soluble tape. Golf Pride has consistently been the top choice for golf grips among recreational golfers, professional players and club manufacturers, while its grips are standard offerings on clubs from a host of big-name equipment manufacturers. The author(s) and owner of of are NOT trained electricians, mechanics or technicians. If you’re looking for an alternative to regripping your golf clubs without tape, you can consider using hairspray for this purpose. Let me know by dropping me an email ( or reach me on Twitter at @ematuszewski. This is because some players have found that the air compressor method of sliding a grip onto a golf club keeps the grip tight and secure. These could be using either an air compressor or hairspray as mentioned above. For heavier grips, using a grip adhesive is a better choice than a hairspray. Spread out the grip tip by a quarter inch on the shaft butt. Generally, a temperature of 170ºF is considered reasonably safe for your Yamaha golf cart motor. Free shipping. Sort By. This point is essentially the grip cap. This method is apt for those who want to try out a method similar to that of using a vice, but don’t have one. The technology doesn’t just benefit players but can also help green grass pros regrip clubs much more quickly and easily than in the past. Remove the existing grip. Golf Grip Kits & Tape. You can then follow your usual choice of regripping method. This is why most golfers don’t invest in one although they can be quite useful. The lengthwise cut helps in retaining the old tape present, if any, as it is. However, the main advantage of using this tape is that it’s easy to remove later compared to double-sided tapes or Scotch tapes. They did not find the need to use any kind of tapes such as masking tape or double-sided tape for this purpose. Wash the inside of the grip, as well as the bar with alcohol. You must make sure that the shaft has some solvent on it to slide the grip onto it. You can then use the club almost immediately. Other Great Gear to go with your Attachment Golf Adhesives- Build Up Grip Tape Roll Attachment Golf Adhesives- 15 Grip Tape Strips. They also evaporate relatively quickly to allow the grip tape to bond to the grip in a relatively short amount of time, often less than an hour. That is the rate of taper is less so the bottom portion of the grip is slightly larger, yet the top half of the grip is essentially the same size. It also features some adhesive properties as the drying takes place. But if you run out of solvent and do not have the time to wait for another shipment, there are plenty of alternative … Then come back to dive into the details of using grip tape. Learn how to regrip your own golf clubs with this video regripping tutorial. Keep the necessary items ready and within reach before you begin the process. Add to Cart. Make sure that they are rid of wetness or moisture completely before you use the hairspray. Wait 2-3 to hours for the golf grip to dry completely. Brampton HF-100 Golf Grip Tape Activator Solution - 8 oz. Apply air in intervals of one to two seconds bursts and make sure the pressure applied helps in sliding the grip into the shaft. The main reason why a  Club car golf cart jerks when you accelerate it is due to a misaligned Inductive Throttle Sensor or dirty clutch. Pull the loose grip off completely from the golf club. Consider replacing the old grips with new ones from well-known manufacturers like PURE or Lamkin. Instead, it makes the grip loose without a vice. Will the new concept take hold? The Concept Helix system uses what Golf Pride describes as a friction and torque-based installation technique, with a key component being a proprietary “horn” device that widens one end of the grip, allowing it to be slid over the shaft of the golf club. Air Powered Grip Remover/Installer. $11.99. “Combining that solution with current and future product performance features will be critical to its ultimate success.”, Cobra Golf, HP Unveil 3D-Printed Putter and DeChambeau Had a Hand in Development, With $799 Set of Golf Clubs, Stix Seeks to Become Industry Disruptor, I’ve spent more than two decades in journalism, writing about sports and its prominent intersection with the business world while covering just about every major sporting. Cut the old grip along the length by cutting it with a hook blade. Remember to cut it away from you to avoid getting hurt. Remove the old grip and close the club at its butt end using masking tape. While that caters to a relatively small niche of golf’s broad participant base, that’s an example of the considerations already in place for future evolutions of the concept. SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip… Ensure that all the shaft butts have the same diameter to ensure consistent grip size. As a general rule, Golf Pride suggests that golf club grips be changed once a year, although that frequency will vary by use. 139.9900 $139.99 The GolfWorks GM1065. Mix kerosene and turpentine in a bowl in the ratio 7:3 and your solvent is ready to use. They are also readily available in the market and often found in any home. The hairspray helps the grip to slide to the position. CUSTOM FIT, PERSONALIZED GRIPS I HOCKEY, LACROSSE, FISHING, GOLF AND BASEBALL Players feel like a pro. Commercial Grip Solvent. Wedge Guys Complete Golf Grip Kit for Regripping Golf Clubs - Professional Quality - Options Include Hook Blade, 2" x 10" Grip Tape Strips, Grip Solvent and Rubber Vise Clamp to Regrip 15 Clubs 4.7 … Golfers usually prefer to use tape to install their putter grips. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Now, Golf Pride is seeking to provide golfers – and pros in green grass golf shops, for that matter — a new, easier way to install fresh grips that are ready for play immediately because no solvents or adhesive materials are used. If you find a lower price on golf grips somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee. and use 4 layers of tape … 4820 Jacksontown Road Newark, OH 43056-3008 This grip places the club in the fingers and is the grip most likely to be taught by golf instructors. Golf Mechanix Metered Dual Spool Tape Dispenser. Here are some ways how you can regrip your golf clubs without vice and using less costly options. By using the content on this website, you agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer. Gripping Supplies at The GolfWorks. Doing so is dangerous and could result in serious bodily harm. SAPLIZE Golf Grip Kits for Regripping Golf Clubs - Choose Between 15 Tapes with 5OZ Solvent or 15 Paper-Backed Double Side Adhesive Strips, 5OZ Solvent, Rubber Vise Clamp & Hook Blade 4.5 out … The information on this website has not been verified for accuracy and should only be used for general information purposes only. Install the new grip as fast as you can because the tape dries quickly. Insert the tip of the nozzle of the pneumatic tool into the grip hole. This can be an option to install your putter grip if you already have a vice. If you don’t want to use the kitchen counter, you can consider positioning the head of your club between your feet. They are often used along with some kind of tapes such as masking tape, a grip tape, or double-sided tape. It also gives them the ability to custom fit much more quickly as they can switch out various grip sizes without a lot of delay.”. It also features some … The grip … Use the kitchen sink as a clamp to secure the golf club in position and work your way around to remove the grip with your hands free. The opposite end of the horn is used to turn the end cap at the butt end of the grip, which is then locked into place and ready for play. Hi there. “(He) solved a problem by designing a slip-on rubber grip that provided a quicker and easier-to-install alternative to leather wraps,” Sowell said. This tape essentially serves the same purpose as double-sided tapes. These are just half the price of double-sided tapes. Keep the golf club in a place where it will remain undisturbed overnight so that the grip settles in place. While a vice secures the golf club in place when removing the grip, a solvent doesn’t actually perform the removal process. Insert the needle of an air compressor under the grip of the club and loosen it until it can be removed easily. For more than seven decades, the company has been a global leader in golf grip evolution and technology, including the introduction of the industry’s first slip-on rubber grips in 1953. Mineral spirits typically sell for slightly less than golf grip … I have very big hands (Ladies please form an orderly line! ) - posted in Golf Equipment: I was just wondering how many layers of tape you guys and gals use under the grips on your clubs? Traditional golf grip solvent is the most versatile and safest to work with. $8.00 to $18.00. 3 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Brampton HF-100 Golf Grip Tape Solvent, Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable Spray . Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Elastic and comfortable design that is lightweight. Solvents differ from one another in their evaporation or drying time. Few golfers retain the old tape and put a new one over it. Some day-to-day use solvents work just as good as grip solvents and can be used as substitutes.

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