what does a library aide do

Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Aid can function as a noun and a verb, and its general meaning has to do with material help or assistance (especially economic).. Aid as a Noun: If you cannot afford college, you can apply for financial aid. Library technicians and assistants help librarians with all aspects of running a library. 10905. The circulation desk is usually the main desk at the front of the library where people check out and return books, ask questions, and receive library cards. Does this sound like you? Library Aide Assists students and patrons with locating information, stocks shelves, and checks out books and materials. Library assistants also answer incoming calls to the library and direct them to the appropriate people. For those who are interested in entering the field of library services there are lots of opportunities to volunteer at your local library. Medical Librarian. I was always very good at organizing things, so restocking books or helping people with the Dewey decimal system would not have been a problem. Being a Librarian Assistant may require a bachelor's degree. I do believe it’s an ideal all around job for a number of reasons. The national average salary for a Library Assistant is $24,960 in United States. Of course, if they obtained the degree while working as a library assistant, I think that would be a plus, since they now have experience. They may also work weekdays, weekends, or a combination of both. They also assist library patrons in finding information. When my kids were young, we spent a lot of time at the library. As a public librarian, you'll need to: 1. keep up to date with newly released publications in order to select library resources 2. organise resources in an accessible way 3. manage your stock, including the weeding out of old resources 4. anticipate community needs and trends to ensure library services are used as much as possible 5. promote the use of the library through displays, talks and community events, whi… The desk can sometimes be crowded, and the assistant may have to multi-task during these times. Librarian Assistant provides information services, such as answering questions regarding card catalogs and assists public in use of bibliographic tools. Filter by location to see Library Assistant salaries in your area. A library media assistant usually works in the media center at either a public or school library. Locate library materials for loan and replace material in shelving area, stacks, or files according to identification number and title. A person in this position could work part time or full time. Hours of work Part time. As an assistant becomes more familiar with the library and the duties, they may be asked to increase their daily jobs. Other tasks may include repairing, replacing, and restocking books. Training requirements for library assistants are generally minimal. We relied heavily on the card catalog. Even though there are several different jobs at the library, the library assistant will often begin with just a few tasks. Assist staff with daily, routine library operations. We recommend picking something that is not a large part of the library assistant's job. A library technician or library assistant is a skilled library and information paraprofessional trained to perform the day-to-day functions of a library, and assists librarians in the acquisition, preparation, and organization of information. Librarians are responsible for a vast amount of information, from the classic … In corporate libraries, they work normal business hours but may be asked to work overtime. Job description and duties for Library Assistant. Library assistants in school libraries work during regular school hours. I loved that job, because I loved books. Those in public or college libraries work weekends, evenings, and some holidays. I helped out a few of the library assistants during my time volunteering at my local library and it was a lot of fun seeing how they kept the books in tip top shape and how they managed to keep the collection organized. Medical librarians typically work in hospitals or medical school … They always had great learning programs for kids and we came home with our arms full of books and projects to work on. I know that most people would not think that restocking books would be a very exciting job, but that was one of my favorite duties when I worked as a library assistant. Learn about a little known plugin that tells you if you're getting the best price on Amazon. Library assistants perform the same job tasks as circulation assistants by aiding with all library operations. Books that are repaired or books that are checked in have to be restocked accordingly. Library Clerical Assistant Books at the library often have to be repaired due to damage. Holland Code: C-R-S Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? Patience and tolerance for other people’s tastes and interests is important if you do … Many public libraries offer programs for the surrounding community. Since I am a very detailed and organized person, this part of the job was very relaxing for me. They are logical, efficient, orderly, and organized. Summary Report for: 25-4031.00 - Library Technicians. Good manual dexterity necessary for specified tasks. Salary estimates are based on 3,965 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Library Assistant employees. Assist librarians by helping readers in the use of library catalogs, databases, and indexes to locate books and other materials; and by answering questions that require only brief consultation of standard reference. They usually work at desks or computer terminals inside libraries, and work in the library stacks while cataloguing or shelving books. They tend to be conventional individuals, which means they’re conscientious and conservative. Use our Job Search Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs. Duties may include library searches, general office work, data entry, assisting patrons, book repairs, and maintaining statistics. How much does a Library Aide make? Ability to work with computer applications; most library assistants will use the library's computer system to manage library card holder records, or add new items to the online catalog Ability to work with and troubleshoot office … The librarian may ask the library assistant to work out on the floor at times. Use our Career Test Report to get your career on track and keep it there. Perform complex library tasks with … Library Assistants are also known as: Library assistants help librarians, and library technicians organize library resources and make them available to users. This was a small college and I was an assistant to a librarian who had worked at this college library for many years. At the circulation desk, library assistants lend and collect books, periodicals, videotapes, and other materials. They organize the shelves, take care of the online records, run the circulation desk, process new materials that come into the library, issue library cards, maintain office equipment, and help library-goers check out, return, and find materials. Individuals in this role will also answer any questions the patrons may have. A library assistant (or library technician) helps librarians acquire, prepare, and organize materials. For those that are willing to take a few extra courses in something like Internet cataloging or computer repair you can really add more value to your position. Compile records, and sort, shelve, issue, and receive library materials such as books, electronic media, pictures, cards, slides and microfilm. The assistant will encourage new patrons to apply for a library card during these events. 43-4121.00 - Library Assistants, Clerical. There were more than 200,000 jobs for library technicians and assistants in 2016, a number that is projected to rise by 9 percent through 2026. A lot of libraries are understaffed and they welcome those who want to help with things like shelving books and working with them at events. Library Clerk The assistant may also have to open boxes of new books, label them, and decide where to shelve them in the library. When to Use Aid. I wish I had the opportunity to work as a library assistant. Librarians On the Job . Children's programs are popular all year round. They also do other tasks that are needed to run a library. The librarians at the circulation desk also take phone calls coming into the library. Some libraries offer educational children's programs and other special events where the library … @everetra - You can’t become a librarian without a master’s degree in library science. Working at a school, a local library, or even for the government, a librarian aides those in need of informational articles and services while managing and organizing those materials as well. Library assistants participate in all aspects of library circulation and patron service duties. Library directors do much more than just check books in and out for customers. Library technicians may have more responsibilities than library assistants, such as administering library programs and overseeing lower-level staff. I would put books back on the shelves that I would never have known about or even thought about if I had not been working at the library. Library Assistants are responsible for sorting and shelving books according to their categorization, assisting customers with internet access and ensuring their technical needs are met. They also do other tasks that are needed to run a library. I really enjoyed entering all the information in the computer system. So to answer your question, the library assistant would not be able to move on up without that degree. I never got the position, however. If you are able to hone your skills so that you are an expert in new media or have something like technical skills or advanced archival skills, you can really increase your salary. I love the look, smell and feel of books and read as often as I have the chance. Use our Job Description Tool to sort through over 13,000 other Job Titles and Careers. In addition to the library’s groundbreaking, this year is the 45th anniversary of the dedication of the tower and the 25th anniversary of the renaming of the building.The following information was sourced … This was quite a few years ago, and computers were not as widely used in libraries like they are today. I was able to be around them for several hours a day and I could check out any book that I wanted for free. Responsible for performing routine clerical duties within the library and assisting library staff. What is the workplace of a Library Assistant like? Duties Library technicians and assistants typically do the following: Most library assistants make a fair wage, especially when starting out. Supervisor Director, Assistant Director, Children's Librarian; takes direction from Circulation clerks. Fifty years ago this upcoming September, the University of Massachusetts saw the groundbreaking of a new student library. Also, it’s a clean, quiet environment, which is what I like best. The Casual Library Assistant role assists the Librarians and Branch Librarians in providing a seamless professional City Libraries experience. The qualities that a Library Assistant must have is: You must be able to communicate well with colleagues and library users. Take our free career test to find out if library assistant is one of your top career matches. Library Technician. Library Services Assistant Strong library skills are a must for this position, as is a solid knowledge of how to use the Internet for research and other purposes, audio-visual equipment, desktop publishing and presentation software … Wage Scale: $12.05-14.85. What I would have preferred about a library job, however, is the quietness of the place. What task in the library do you typically dislike doing the most? Take our career test and find your top matches from over 800 careers. This could include helping people find specific books or books about a particular topic. I didn’t realize that library assistants did other things, like reading to children at special events, or helping to coordinate meetings to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Their primary responsibility is to ensure all patron needs are met. @allenJo - I never worked as a library assistant either, but I did explore the possibility once. I have always been a bit of a neat freak, so tidying up books was enjoyable for me. This little known plugin reveals the answer. I did a lot of part time jobs while in college. Being a lover of reading and good books, I thoroughly enjoyed working at the library while I was in college. Library aides include library technicians and library assistants. Other tasks may include repairing, replacing, and restocking books. A library assistant may work at the desk with the librarian or on her own as she becomes more comfortable with the job. Also, with a bit of specialization they can easily bring their wage up to around $37,000 USD. Visit PayScale to research library assistant hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. The library assistant may have to participate in the program by decorating or creating a plan for the event, reading to the children, or helping the librarian to make sure the event runs smoothly. They oversee other employees and staff members and ensure that daily operations are running smoothly. The table below shows the various areas in which library assistants worked in 2010: Except for those who work in bookmobiles, library assistants generally work indoors. Start by telling the interviewer that you enjoy your job as a library assistant. A librarian is a professional trained in information science. The only downside about this job was that there were always more books to read than what I had time for. The assistant may also help library patrons use the card catalog or computer system to locate books within the library. I loved opening up those boxes to see which books were there and looking at the brand new covers. Student Library Assistant II. What does aid mean? As for pay, I think that the librarian makes substantially more than the library assistant. This may be one of the duties of a library assistant. Duties. Another fun thing about volunteering at the library was helping out at the circulation desk. Once they were in school, I applied to work part time as a library assistant and was thrilled when I got the job. Filter by location to see Library Aide salaries in your area. A library assistant helps the librarian with all the daily tasks in the library. School library aides assist librarians in ensuring the functioning and daily operations of a school library. They assist patrons, organize library materials and information, and do clerical and administrative tasks. Primary Function Shelves library materials and keeps them in proper order. Some of their tasks include cataloguing new materials the library receives, returning materials to where they belong after they've been used, and helping patrons locate materials. Library Page New Fairfield Library. Library Media Assistant. Answer: Being a library assistant does require a degree of interpersonal skills, if only to be tactful and quick to help patrons locate desired material. This could include working at the circulation desk and assisting the public. I have always loved libraries and being surrounded by books, and the idea that I would get paid to be there was even better. Experience working in an administration, customer services or IT role would also be useful for applying directly. Library Technical Assistant Most also spend time in the library stacks while cataloguing or re-shelving books, a task that may require bending or stretching to reach the shelves. Those tasks are not as much up my alley, but I would have been willing to do them, I believe, just to continue working at the library. They assist patrons, organize library materials and information, and do clerical and administrative tasks. I wonder if a library assistant can ever be promoted to a librarian – and if so, would there be a substantial increase in pay? The closest that I ever got was working as a cashier in a bookstore close to the college. They typically assist patrons with checking materials in and out and sometimes with locating materials. A library assistant (or library technician) helps librarians acquire, prepare, and organize materials. Library technicians and assistants help librarians with all aspects of running a library.

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