when to prune photinia hedge in australia

There are some 60 species that naturally occur throughout Asia but Photinias have become extremely popular in Australian gardens thanks to their spectacular bright red new growth foliage and their highly effective hedging qualities. Her leaves are every bit as stunning with her bright ruby red, glossy new growth. But you need to be aware, especially if you have young children, that the leaves and fruits of some Photinia species may contain carcinogenic compounds. Drought resistance, hardiness and rapid growth combined with the spectacular contrast of the brilliant red new foliage against the darker green mature foliage makes it a winner every time. Knowing when to trim your hedges is of utmost importance if you want healthy shrubs in your garden. Beautiful new red leaves and small white flowers make a lovely showing. Photinias deep fiery red new growth makes them an attractive choice for garden colour. If you feel the situation merits more serious remedial measures then you can temporarily remove soil from around the stem down to the top roots to encourage the drying out process. Maintenance pruning should be done each summer. Thank you! My garden looks perfect all the time, ever since I found you! It receives its name from the fact that young leaves are red, gradually changing to a dark green as they mature. Photinia is pretty much the same as Lilly Pilly, but mind that it has a tendency to grow dense which restricts it’s further growth as the foliage impedes airflow and sunlight access of the middle. Light shaping can also be done in winter when the plant is dormant. clusters of white flowers that are sometimes followed by red fruit. Prune once or twice during the growing season and always at the end of summer. Photinia robusta, as the name suggests, is drought resistant and works well as a windbreak growing up to 6m high. Maintenance pruning is done each summer to keep the hedges developing healthily. HELLO I PLANTED IN NOVEMBER THE NANA PHOTINIA IN VASE 1MT X40 X40 N ° 3 X PLANTS. This means pruning is one of the few critical routine tasks that you will want to do to get the best out of your hedge. Trees and shrubs that bloom during summer and into autumn are best pruned in later winter or early spring as soon as their annual growth begins. It only needs yearly pruning, which is half that of regular Photinia. Copyright © 2019 Ozbreed Pty Ltd | Web Design Smart Web Solutions, Exotic and native plants for home gardens and landscapes, Functional Westringias, Callistemons, Grevilleas and more, Non-invasive, beautiful exotics incl. I will call you again! Pruning Photinia Red Robin. I think the best time is early summer just after the new red shoots have finished and are turning green. This hardy and vigorously growing shrub can grow up to 5 metres, but if pruned makes a thick glossy hedge in full sun. Lilly Pilly should be trimmed in late winter or early spring, as soon as the last frost is gone and before the bout of spring growth. kraw23. It’s easier to cut with shear or a powered tool. Stop watering and allow the roots to dry out. If you want to keep their flowers, prune only from the top. Minimalist or more Traditional? Modern Australian formal gardens reflect our culture. The question of Photinia robusta vs RedRobin simply comes down to what you want your Photinia to do: grow to become a tall windbreak or remain as a short hedge. If that is the case with your shrubs it’s best to trim them in late spring after the growth spurt. Avoid soil with high pH levels. Pruning a shrub removes scrawny, skinny stems, redirecting energy to stems which are sturdy and thriving. Its size as a small tree, rapid and dense growth, and colourful foliage make it a perfect choice for creating a hedge or screen for privacy in your backyard. If you want to keep their flowers, prune only from the top. last updated – posted 2017-May-19, 4:30 pm AEST posted 2017-May-19, 4:30 pm AEST User #609904 67 posts. AM I WELL? The disease results in wilting leaves and ugly brown cankers on the stems. Photinia have a reputation for easy care solid hardiness and will tolerate a wide range of growing conditions and even gardener neglect. This video demonstrates how to prune Photinia … Shrubs can grow weak, or a branch can lose energy and die back. Powdery mildew is another fungal infection that often attacks Photinia. If you want a good flower showing avoid pruning in early spring when the flower buds are starting to form. This depends on their type: Formative pruning for these is done right after their are planted and after that can be done in the first two years of the plants development. But as with many shrubs that do not actually need … Any major pruning should be done when the plant is dormant. If you want a good flower showing avoid pruning in early spring when the flower buds are starting to form. Really talented gardeners, very flexible too. What are the best small to medium size hedging plants to use in Australia? 10 Best Srceening Hedges With white flowers produced in spring, provided the shrub has not been pruned earlier in the season, red tip photinia is an excellent low-maintenance shrub for hedges or privacy screens. Photinia robusta is a dynamic, evergreen, thickly foliaged bush with oval, sleek, dark green leaves, which are coppery-red while young. The bacterial infection, Fire blight (Erwinia amylovora), can devastate Photinia. Buy Photinia Red Robin hedge plant online from online plants Melbourne. Check out our Foliage Colour range of plants for more ideas. Photinia glabra Rubens, her leaves are a little smaller than Miss Red Robin so she is known as the small leaved Photinia. Taking into account these two aspects, and looking for the Photinia to develop vigorously from the beginning of spring, we will perform a strong pruning of all its branches (not flush with the bush, you must leave at least 20 cm of stem on the ground). Learn how to grow photinia in your garden with the RHS expert guide on choosing, planting, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. Avoid pruning your red robin after September as any new growth will be vulnerable to an autumn frost. Photinia are a hardy plant and they will survive a certain degree of gardener neglect. Once in autumn and again in spring, fertilize after pruning. Sometimes a hard prune will be sufficient to remove diseased branches and can aid in recovery of an unhealthy hedge. Formative pruning is best done in the spring after planting, and for the first two years after planting.

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